Feb 24, 2013
Mohammed Rayeesuddin S/o Md Sayeeduddin R/o hashimabad, Chandrayanguta
(Age-35 years) was arrested by Police (plainclothes men) while he was
going on Chandrayangutta road at around 9:30 AM today and is missing
since then when inquired by the senior Police Officials  they denied
that he was picked up by any team of Hyderabad Police.

This is the same Md Rayees Uddin who was picked up post
Mecca Masjid Blast in 2007 and was kept in Illegal Coustody,
Tourchered and shown as culprit in two Crime No: 100/2007 & Crime No:
107/2007 (Hussainialam Police Station) cases and was in Jail for 8
months, After attending Court for 22 months he was set free by Honble
Courts. After the Confection of Swami Aseemanand about the involvement
of Abhinav Bharat a sister Organization of RSS involvement in
different Blasts in India including Mecca Masjid Blast the Andhra
Pradesh Police gave a Good Conduct Certificate to Md Rayeesuddin and
was also listed for Rs/ 2.0 lakhs compensation. He could not get the
sanctioned compensation as one case was pending against him.Md Rayees
Uddin is a key witness in a case against the Gujarat Police booked in
Saifabad Police Station which was booked when Mujahid Saleem Islahi
S/o Maulana Abdul Aleem Islahi was shot dead by Mr. Narender Kumar
Amin (ACP Gujarat Police) during the arrest of Maulana Naseeruddin at
DGP, Office Lakdi Ka Pull. The Andhra Pradesh Police time and again
arrest and files fake cases against Md Rayeesuddin to put pressure on
him to get himself withdrawn as a witness from the case against
Gujarat Police who is wanted in Mujahid Saleem Islahi Case.Narender
Kumar Amin (ACP) is in Judicial Custody in Sabarmati Jail,Gujrath in
Sohrabuddin fake encounter case. The Andhra Pradesh Police did not
bother once o bring the accused that are in Judicial custody in
Gujarat by producing warrant and produce them in Andhra Pradesh Court.
Mr. Amjed Ullah Khan (Corporator) & Youth leader MBT visited the house
of Md Rayeesuddin and met his family member Mrs. Zahida Begum (mother)
Mrs. Salwa Begum (Wife) and said that all legal help will be provided
to Md Rayeesuddin by MBT party. He said that he will represent the
matter to Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Sri Kiran Kumar Reddy and
Dinesh Reddy (IPS) Director General of Police, Andhra Pradesh

Corporator 35-Azampura Div
Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation
HNo:16-3-527 Chanchalguda