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NWMI demands that social media platforms stop enabling intimidation, harassment, misinformation and violence

FEBRUARY 4, 2022 We, at the Network of Women in Media, India (NWMI), are shocked and angry at the incessant online attacks against women journalists, especially those from minority and marginalised communities who are outspoken about the plight of these… Continue Reading →

‘This is Traumatic to Share But I Think This is Very Necessary’

Entrepreneur and activist on being ‘auctioned’ online  I am an Indian American Muslim and I am speaking today because I am a victim of a global hate crime that has targeted me because I am a Muslim, because I am… Continue Reading →

The Smearing of Emma Watson for pro-Palestinian Instagram post

by Sut Jhally – Roger Waters Drawing by Nathaniel St. Clair Anyone who has ever been critical of Israeli actions toward the Palestinian people knows what to expect next—an avalanche of pit-bull attacks and smears that their criticisms of Israel… Continue Reading →

Zee Tamil’s Kids’ Show In Trouble After Reportedly Mocking PM Narendra Modi, I&B Ministry Sends Legal Notice

The notice claims that the channel’s show has made some horrible comments on India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. By -January 18, 2022 Recently the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, also known as I&B Ministry for short, issued a notice against Zee… Continue Reading →

Poet & Dalit Panther Namdeo Dhasal’s poetry embraced those discarded by society

Dhasal’s poetry, which was steeped in harsh words, attempted to translate the violent existence of Dalits and the oppressed to paper. = Unnato Mishra New Delhi: “Both my individual and my collective life have been through such tremendous upheavals that if… Continue Reading →

Fact Check: Old, unrelated photos shared as from recent Naxal attack in Chhattisgarh

None of the images shared in thebelow FB post are recent. These are images from different Naxal attacks that took place in the country over the years. Dheeshma Puzhakkal Kochi January 16, 2022 Old unrelated photos shared as from recent… Continue Reading →

UAPA case against ex-journalist Prashant Rahi falls apart, acquitted after 14 years

‘The wrong person had to spend a banvaas of 14 years on a wrong charge.’Jyoti Punwani reports. In December 2007, the Uttarakhand police charged former journalist and activist Prashant Rahi with sedition, waging war against the State, conspiracy, and for… Continue Reading →

Iceland-‘The world’s best place to be a woman’ is being sued for misogyny

= Members of Öfgar, an Icelandic feminist group that fights against gender based violence, pictured in Reykjavik in October 2021. (CNN)The bruises on Maria Árnadóttir’s body were numerous, ranging in color from pale yellow to deep purple.According to court documents,… Continue Reading →

How ‘Trads vs Raitas’ plays out online as Hindutva fault lines emerge after Bulli Bai row

As the probe into the Bulli Bai & Sulli Deals cases progresses, two alt-Right groups that mushroomed in India’s digital ecosystem have begun clashing online. Bismee Taskin 10 January, 2022 New Delhi: The Hindu Right-wing in India was so far… Continue Reading →

Tek Fog: The App Used By BJP’s Cyber Troops To Manipulate Media

Tek Fog is an app reportedly used by political operatives affiliated with Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP’s) Information Technology Cell (IT Cell). As per reports from The Wire, BJP employees allegedly used the app to manipulate the media in favor of the… Continue Reading →

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