Thane – Shakil Ahmed ,  a lawyer who was suffering from a throat infection visited the Thane , Chattrapatti  Maharaj Hospital. He  stared at long queues of patients in the OPD . =, and as he we was about to stand in the queue. he heard an announcement stating that all patients will have to furnish their xerox copy  of aadhaar to avail services of the hospital, otherwise no treatment will be provided to them

How can a hospital exclude  patients who do not have aadhaar ?

What if Someone meets an accident and has to be admitted in the hospital will they ask for aadhaar before saving a  life?


Thane Hospital is clearly in contempt of Supreme court  order . The SC hearing on Aadhaar is still pending .


Evene UIDAI in Feb 2018 clarified no essential service or benefit like medical facility, hospitalisation, school admission or ration through PDS can be denied for the want of the biometric national ID


In a statement, Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) asked government departments and state administration “to ensure that no essential service or benefit shall be denied to a genuine beneficiary for the want of Aadhaar whether it is medical help, hospitalisation, school admission or ration through PDS”.

“There are exception handling regulations issued by UIDAI vide its circular dated 24th October 2017 which must be followed to make sure that no beneficiary is denied of benefits for the want of Aadhaar,” the statement further read.


Here is video of Shakil’s Ordeal