In a statement issued , BJP leader in Meghalaya promised to reduce beef price if they’re voted to power.

SHILLONG: At a time when the BJP-led government at the Centre is under scanner over the beef ban issue, party leader and former ANVC-B chief Bernard Marak said that if the saffron party comes to power in the State, instead of banning beef it will reduce the price of the meat for the sake of the poor.
In a statement issued to the media on Sunday, Marak said that the BJP will regulate the prices of not only beef but other meat as well and legalise slaughter houses in Garo Hills.
According Marak, in Meghalaya most of the BJP leaders eat beef and the Centre cannot enforce a ban on its consumption.
“The question of banning beef does not arise in a state like Meghalaya, especially in Garo Hills. BJP leaders in Meghalaya are well aware of the historical background and the Constitutional provisions over the hill areas and beef ban cannot be imposed in Meghalaya,” he claimed.
Marak said the Congress government in the State failed to regularise rates of meat resulting in “harassment to the public”.
He added that the meat sold in the State is also unfit for consumption in the absence of proper certification by veterinary doctors.
The BJP leader said the party will do everything that incumbent government failed to achieve.
“Slaughter houses will be set up, meat will be checked to ensure it is fit for consumption, rates will be regulated. The people of the State need not panic or get influenced by other political parties on the issue of beef ban,” he added.

‘BJP will reduce beef price if elected’