SHILLONG, Dec 23: The Meghalaya Peoples’ Committee on Aadhaar (MPCA) today said that it will facilitate filing of affidavits for people of the State on a hearing in the Supreme Court against Aadhaar.
In a statement issued here on Saturday, the MPCA said that persons can file affidavits if one has already done Aadhaar  enrolment  earlierbut  now  would  like  to  opt  out  or  to  withdraw. One can also file affidavits if there  have  been  any  sort  of  coercion, intimidation,  threat  including  warning  of  punitive  action  tobe  taken  for  non-enrolment,  i.e.,  by any  kind  of  authority, Government  departments  and/agencies, banks,  traditional institutions  and  others.
Similarly, affidavits can be filed if anyone  has  been  threatened  of denial in obtaining  PDS,  school  andcollege  admission  and scholarships,  for  not  having Aadhaar  card.
Even pensioners can file affidavits if they have been intimidated for Aadhaar  enrolment  otherwise,  they  would  be  denied  receiving  their  due  pensions  and  might  have  so  denied.
If there have been failures  in  the  process  ofauthentication  with  the  authentication  machines  and  any  othertechnical  fault  or  problems then also affidavits can be filed by the aggrieved parties if any.
Pointing out that since time  is  short  and  such  documents  willhave  to  be  processedbefore  conveying  to  the  Supreme  Court, the committee asked the aggrieved persons to file the data at  the  office of the KSU, Jaiaw on December 26, 2017 from  10 am.
It may be mentioned that the Five  Judges Constitutional  Bench  of  the  Supreme  Court  on  Aadhaar will  begin  its  hearing  on  some  28  petitions  against  Aadhaar from  January 17,  2018.