At around 1 p.m. today, ex-mercury workers, their children and about 40 student and citizen supporters from Mumbai lined up outside the gates of Unilever House in the Mumbai suburb of Andheri. Following the usual dance and drama with security and cops, the silent protest and flyering went off peacefully. About 70 shareholders were handed flyers before they entered the gates, but Unilever’s security confiscated the pamphlets. In this digital age, the humble flyer remains a weapon dreaded by corporate wrongdoers. Friendly shareholders are inside the meeting, and will send us an update soon.

Lots and lotsa media turned up. The workers left the protest happy that their long trip from the verdant hills of Tamil Nadu to the chaotic metropolis of Mumbai was worth the effort and the hardship. Please see a copy of the press release below.

Photographs of the protest can be found at facebook page: “Vettiver Collective” or “Mercury in Kodaikanal” or