MKSSShankar Singh, well known MKSS activist mercilessly beaten at Alkera, Jhalawar-for leading a peaceful Accountability Yatra -by the local BJP MLA of Jhalawar

Delhi, 16 January, 2016: The 100 day Accountability Yatra which began in Rajasthan on 1st December is being undertaken by over 100 civil society organizations (under the banner of SR Abhiyan) advocating for transparency and accountability in implementation of social sector entitlements for the poor, was attacked ruthlessly at Jhalawar, the constituency of the Chief Minister. Led by the local BJP MLA of Alkera and his followers, a strong mob of 40 to 50 stormed into the meeting and attacked the people who were conducting the yatra peacefully. The BJP MLA began the assault by attacking Shankar Singh the well know activist of MKSS. Encouraged by the leader’s brazen act, his followers began raining lathis on the peaceful and unarmed persons and volunteers and then went on to slap two women activists, break the glass panes of two vehicles and forcibly seize the camera from an independent filmmaker who was quietly documenting the public meeting and beat him up mercilessly when he tried to prevent an expensive Sony HD camera from being vandalized.

From the yatra:

January 16, 2016, 5 pm
Near Aklera police chowky, Jhalawar
A rough sequence of events:
After around around 10 minutes of songs and shirt speeches, 3 men with lathis attacked us. One of them charged straight at Anurag screaming ‘Camera le lo’.
Another lathi was charged straight at Shankarji which Karthick held. Karthick was then dragged by 2-3 men.
The third lathi was charged at Kamal who stopped it. Kamal was also then dragged and hit.
Anurag gave the camera to Radhika who ran to keep the camera in the car. Some people from the public too stopped the attackers.
Those who hit started to flee. There were around 4-5 police standing and watching. Kamal ran towards them asking them to catch the attackers. He argued with them why they stood silent.

Then Shankarji, Sanwar and Kamal spoke on the mike how the yatra would go on. Anurag took the camera again and started shooting.
We started taking the rally further into the market.
Then, we were attacked again by a mob of 40-50 men led by MLA Kunwar Meena.
Anurag was attacked again, hit on the head with the lathi. Amit, Poorvi, Amita, Radhika pleaded with the policemen to intervene.
Some of us snatched the lathis. Some boys started retaliating and fighting back. Radhika, Amita and Poorvi formed a chain with the snatched lathis and tried to talk to the attackers.
Anurag could not be seen and many of us started to look for him. In the process, many boys were cornered, dragged and hit with the lathis. Shankarji was hit on be legs, back and head. Amita was hit on the leg and back and slapped on the face. Radhika was slapped. Mujeeb and Anuj were dragged and hit. Poorvi was hit on the back. Many others were hit and hurt in the riot.
Anurag was taken in by some residents. He has been badly hit on the knee and head.
Jaswant’s jeep entire window glass was shattered.
The CEO then came and took everyone to the police chowky