APRIL 12, 2014

By Kanishka Sinha,

There are some people who feel Modi’s private life should stay his private life and normally a liberal like me would agree. Except….

1. Modi shouldn’t have called Sunanda Pushkar a Rs 50 Crore girlfriend. If you talk about someone else’s… private life in front of a crowd of a 100,000 in such a disparaging way.. you lose the right to cry like a baby when someone talks about yours

2. Modi shouldn’t have told Sonia Gandhi sarcastically to hand over the reigns to Rahul Gandhi if she was unwell, again at a massive rally (at a time when it was rumoured she was suffering from Cancer). If you have no sensitivity for other people’s private lives… you lose the right to cry like a baby when people comment on yours.


3. Modi shouldn’t have lied in 2001, 2002, 2007 and 2012 on his election forms. These are statements of disclosure to the public that are legal requirements for standing for election under the Indian constitution. Man up and tell the truth or face being called a liar

4. Modi shouldn’t have spent public money by having the anti-terrorist task force follow his ex-girlfriend on her dates. If you spend the public’s money on your love life then your love life becomes the public’s concern. Those resources are there to stop terrorists from killing innocent Indians. You want to stalk your ex use facebook like the rest of us do.

5. Modi shouldn’t talk about female empowerment and cultural values if he deserted his wife and never gave her a formal divorce to set her free. If you indulge in rampant hypocrisy then you’re going to be called a hypocrite by the public. Especially when you’re running for the most visible public office in the country.

6. Modi shouldn’t have masterminded a genocide. When you kill a thousand people you lose the right to say “stop being mean to me”

Of course your fans are going to be fine with it. When did they ever care about ethics anyway. They were the ones who were lying all along saying that you weren’t married and the rumours were all paid media.

The rest of us aren’t so blasé about your lack of moral fiber.

It’s the PM of India role we’re talking about?

Courtesy: Author’s Facebook Account.


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