Modi should rein in trouble makers around him: Amjad Ali Khan
Amjad Ali Khan said that maintaining peace and tranquility is the responsibility of each and every citizen along with the government. (File photo)
LUCKNOWSarod maestro Ustad Amjad Ali Khan today said writers and artistes who returned their awards “are not mad” but pained at the situation in the country, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi should rein in people responsible for it as there is lot of hope from him.

“What is happening is very painful. I was watching Narayanmurthy’s interview yesterday and he also felt very concerned. Perhaps the situation does not seem to be normal … Modiji wants to do a lot of things, but there are some persons around him, who speak whatever comes on their tounge and do whatever they want,” Khan told reporters here.

He said, “Modiji will have to rein in such persons otherwise the peace may be under threat. There are lots of hope from Modiji.”

Asked about litterateurs and actors returning their awards, the Padam Vibhushan awardee said, “They are also concerned with the present situation therefore they are returning their awards. We have freedom of expression. It seems that there is something wrong somewhere.”

When asked if the same situation existed before Modi government came into power, Khan said the litterateurs and actors are returning their awards now.

“They are not mad. They are pained and are returning awards to express their concern. The government should examine why this is happening,” he said.

Questioned if he was mulling returning his awards, Khan said,”As of now I am watching the situation.”

“Ensuring peace and unity is the responsibility of every citizen. There are wrong elements in every religion, what I know is that we must remain cautious of such people,” he said.

He said that it was not the responsibility of the government alone, but was that of every Indian.

“Efforts should be made that unity and integrity of the country remains strong. The Ganga-Jamuni ‘tehzeeb’ remains intact and every person is safe irrespetive of the religion,” he said.

Khan said that Hindu and Muslims depend on each other and this dependency was “our strength”.

“Who makes my sarod… Hemendra Chandra Sen. If he does not make a good instrument, how will I play. Mutual faith and love is our strength. I have seen a lot of humbleness in Hindu religion. Toughing feet of parents and teachers is a good thing,” he said.