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New Delhi: Qamar Waheed Naqvi, Editorial Director of India TV has resigned in, purportedly in protest of a “staged interview,” with the BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi in Rajat Sharma’s famous programme “Aap Ki Adalat.”

Naqvi had joined IndiaTV recently after his long stint with the AajTak, where he had earned the respect for being enigmatic, behind-the-scenes father figure over the years.


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IndiaTV’s interview of the Gujarat CM has become the butt of joke on social media after his epic ‘interview’ with Madhu Kishwar’s on NewsX.

The interview was sort of ‘hero-worshipping,’ and was conducted amidst chant of ‘Modi-Modi’ and ‘Bharat Maata Ki Jai.’ Although reference to the 2002 riots were made in passing, as also his tall claims on development, but not on one issue was cross-questioned. He was simply allowed to have his ways.

Rajat Sharma asked him about a tweet of Omar Abdullah where he had said that Modi accepts turban and other head-gears in other states, but not when a Muslim clergy offers him a cap. In reply among chants of ‘Bharat Mata’ and ‘Modi-Modi,’ Gujarat CM turned philosophic and said that he respects all religions and cultures although follows his own alone and that he does not believe in the politics of symbolism, but wants to see “Quran in one hand and Computer in other” of Muslim students.

Sharma did not even bother to ask him why the same parameters were not applied when accepting turbans or other similar head-gears in Punjab, Assam, Manipur, etc. Or does Mr Modi think that Muslim cap is ‘foreign’ unlike other ‘native’ traditions.

In fact while introducing Modi and giving his background, the celebratory ‘background’ talks how he started as a tea-vendor and rose on to power and how he is attacked by top politicians in opposition, but had no reference to the 2002 Gujarat riot.

The ceremonial ending of programme where ‘people’s judge,’ author and academician Pushpesh Pant, passes his judgment was even problematic, when he talks about the ‘clean chit’ given to him by various courts and SIT, as the interview was not at all focused on the subject. He went on to suggest to Modi that “people will question him for next five years and beyond” for his work as prime minister. He has already accepted that Modi is going to be the PM.


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