Chennai: M Valarmathi, a housewife in Indira Nagar, had found some excuse or other not to apply for the Aadhaar number. But, recently, when she went to a bank to open an account, officials insisted she produce her Aadhaar card as address proof. This prompted Valarmathi to hurriedly apply for the unique identification number, now essential for several important services. Like Valarmathi, many who delayed getting their Aadhaar numbers have now registered for it.
In fact, all of Chennai’s permanent residents, who had registered for the 2011 Census, have either received their Aadhaar numbers or would be getting it soon. Across the state, 95.2% of the Census population have received or are awaiting their Aadhaar numbers. Following the increase in Aadhaar registration, the state government has begun to seed the UID for its welfare schemes like old age pension and public distribution system.
“I have now got Aadhaar numbers for my family and used it for opening an account for my daughter, who is in the 6th class. I also seeded my number with LPG,” said Valarmathi. Census department officials say barring some migrants, all Chennai citizens have registered their biometrics and more than 80% have received their Aadhaar numbers.
In October last year, Chennai lagged behind many states with only around 70% registering for Aadhaar in the 70 centres across the city . But after the Lok Sabha passed a resolution making Aadhaar mandatory , the number of residents registering increased and crossed the Census population number.
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Most of the people applied for it did not get the card. Again and again they are applying. There must be specific code foe each person as if their card is processed and if they apply again it should not accept.
“In the last few months, we persuaded many to register for Aadhaar, especially in Chennai,” Census department joint director M R V Krishna Rao told TOI. As per 2011 census, the population of Chennai was 46.46 lakh. By June 30, 47.93 lakh people in the city , including some migrants, had given their biometrics and 36.36 lakh people received their Aadhaar numbers, he said.
Across the state, of the 7.21 crore people, 6.86 crore registered their biometrics and 6.30 crore received their numbers.