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We, the undersigned citizens and residents of Norway, relatives of victims in Norway and activists from around the world, are writing to express our support for your intervention in the matter of the 5-year-old only child of Anil Kumar and Gurvinderjit Kaur who has been snatched by Barnevernet in Oslo, Norway last week.

Barnevernet, the Norwegian child protection authority has for many years been wrongly taking children from loving parents in Norway.

The reasons are incompetence, overbearing officials, lack of transparency, inadequate judicial oversight, and, in cases involving cultural and religious minorities, prejudice and racism.

Some of us have ourselves been victims of Barnevernet. We have been campaigning against Norway’s cruel child protection regime for years and this year alone there have been protests every month against Barnevernet attended by hundreds in cities around Norway. Supporting protests have been held in many countries around the world, including the United States of America, Russia, Australia, Brazil, Romania, Czechia, Lithuania and India.

We appreciate India’s earlier efforts in saving Indian children from Barnevernet and highlighting the human rights abuses of Barnevernet in Norway. We urge you to spare no effort in enabling the child of Anil Kumar and Gurvinderjit Kaur to be reunited with his family in Norway or repatriated to India where he can be brought up by his extended family in the country and culture of his origin, and to which he has been used since birth. This is his right under both Norwegian law and international law.


  1. Marius Reikeras, Human Rights Activist and Commentator, Bergen, Norway, Tel: 0047462165973, Email: [email protected] (Available for comment)
  2. Professor Marianne Haslev Skanland, Professor Emeritus, University of Bergen, Norway

Academic and Commentator on Child Rights in Norway

Website (with extensive information about Barnevernet):

  1. Jan Simonsen, Former Member of Norwegian Parliament, Oslo, Norway, Tel: 004741061176, Email: [email protected] (Available for comment)
  2. Tomas Zedechovsky, Member of European Parliament (MEP), Belgium, Brussels (contact through Jitka Fialova, below)
  3. Jitka Fialova, Prague, Czech Republic, Tel: 00420777022156, Email: [email protected] (Available for comment)
  4. & 7. Ken Joar Olsen, Asker, Norway & Vibeke Morrisey, Borgen, Norway

Parents of Baby Aria taken at birth by Norwegian authorities. Tel: 004748062884, Email: [email protected] (Available for comment)


  1. Tor Age Berglid, Blasket, Norway, Tel: 004795250112, Email: [email protected] (Available for comment)

Human Rights Activist and Commentator

  1. Chris Reimers, Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA

Author, Activist and Commentator

Website (with extensive information on child protection services in Norway):

  1. Octavian Curpas, Arizona, USA

Child Rights Activist, Tel: 001-6232157337, Email: [email protected]

Website (with extensive information on child protection services in Norway):

  1. Steven Bennet, Vienna, Austria

Child Rights Activist and Commentator, Email: [email protected]

  1. Cristina Nicoli, Adelaide, Australia
  2. Jordanka Jiraskova, Czech Republic
  3. Trevor Doering, Calgary, Alberta Canada, Chilkd Rights Activist and Commentator
  4. Monika David, Chicago, USA
  5. Jolanta Miskinyte, Vilnius, Lithuania
  6. Margaret Hennum, Brandal, Norway
  7. Raymond Skorstad, Bjorbekk, Norway
  8. Kristian Ronas, Hvamsveien, Ranasfoss, Norway
  9. Berit Aarset, Ulsteinvik, Norway


  1. May Lund Nikolaisen, Slependen, Norway

Activist and mother whose baby has been taken away by Norwegian authorities.

  1. Inez Isabel Aresen, Tonsberg, Norway
  2. Bjorn Erik Bjorbekkmo, Skein, Norway

Human Rights Activist

  1. Anne Helen Henriksen, Jorpeland, Norway
  2. John Ellstrom, Gjetlum, Norway
  3. Isabella Black Young, Gol, Norway
  4. Bibbi Odegaard, Hundvag, Norway
  5. Nadia Bekkelund, Brandel, Norway

Barnevernet Victim

  1. Jane-Mette Kile, Faervik, Norway
  2. Amy Jakobsen, Lyngdal, Norway
  3. Gry Christin Sjue, Oslo, Norway
  4. Karin Andresen, Kristiansand, Norway
  5. Dung Svalland, Kristiansand, Norway

Barnevernet Victim

  1. Alf Magne Henriksen, Jorpeland, Norway
  2. Sverre Skimmeland, Lawyer, Bergen, Norway
  3. Rune L. Hansen, Author and Human Rights Defender, Vikebygd, Norway

Website: [email protected]

  1. Gabriella Presthus, Trondheim, Norway
  2. Nina Skjeie, Bergen, Norway
  3. Onisoa a Tahina Andriamandimby, Mandal, Norway
  4. Verona Toresdottir, Verdal, Norway
  5. Solfrid Sandoy, Rorvik, Norway
  6. Kirsten Leikny Femundsenden, Rennebu, Norway
  7. Jale Mjoen, Rennebu, Norway
  8. Stian Derouette, Solbergelra, Norway
  9. Kirsten Rongved, Hjelmas, Norway
  10. Erik Storstell, Lokken Verk, Norway
  11. Lillian Roppen, Rasta, Norway
  12. Linn Perry, Kroderen, Norway
  13. Marion Edquist, Lillestrom, Norway
  14. Janet Melody Stephania Hope, Fredikstad, Norway
  15. Astri Cecilie Larsen, Lyngdal, Norway
  16. Anita Skippervik, Nordstrono, Norway
  17. Mona Sol, Oslo, Norway
  18. Arun Dohle, Aachen, Germany

Adoptee Advocacy and Support, ACT Against Child Trafficking


  1. Christopher Warren, Sweden

Writer and Activist


  1. Cristina Moldoveanu
  2. Hana Pertlova, Saskova, Kladno, Czech Republic
  3. Kacirone, Olinda, Pernambuco, Brazil
  4. Geir Thorvaldsen, Fortaleza, Brazil
  5. Peter Moldovan, Waco, Texas, USA
  6. Helka Hilmari Wiksaas, Nord-Arnoy, Norway
  7. Robert Mascher, Holmestrand City, Norway
  8. Tone Maria Gruning, Norway
  9. Liv Lund, Spydeberd, Norway
  10. Isabell Marie Michaelsen, Fredrikstad, Norway
  11. Kristian Andreas Jorgensen Tromso, Norway
  12. Cleotilde Nordli, Hamnaveien, Finnsnes, Norway
  13. Fernanda Frontado J., Barcelona, Spain
  14. Oystein Andre Falche, Verketveien, Ise, Norway
  15. Nina Hague, Moss, Norway
  16. Linda Aagset, Norway (
  17. Synnove Fredriksen, Norway (
  18. Ghazala Naseem, Norway (
  19. Ruth Abrahamsen, Norway Norway (
  20. Marianne Grue, Norway (
  21. Janni Brath, Dronninglund, Denmark
  22. Per Steiner Sora, Oslo, Norway
  23. Chris Overgaard Sverkmo, Joa, Norway
  24. Brigette Nymark Ostvik, Norway (
  25. Per Akero, Norway (
  26. Ahlem Bichebbi, Norway (
  27. Eli-Ann Egset Norway (
  28. Einar Botnen, Norway (
  29. Mette Sorlie, Norway (
  30. Leif Arvid Olsen, Norway (
  31. Frode Morten Owre, Norway (
  32. Barbel Marguerit de Linde, Norway (
  33. Kate Larsen, Norway (
  34. Torbjorn Oksnes, Norway (
  35. Renanta Gustavsen, Norway (
  36. Janne Tindvik, Norway (
  37. Mina Abrahamsen Al Hussaini, Norway (
  38. Anne Grete Axelsson, Norway (
  39. Karsten Tislevoll, Norway (
  40. Rolf Sahaak, Norway (
  41. Monika Johnsen, Norway (
  42. Henning Liberg, Norway (
  43. Noralf Aunan, Norway (
  44. Anne Helene Trippestad Hasvik, Norway (
  45. Linda Gutierrez, Norway (
  46. Nadezda Sarkina, Norway (
  47. Asena Bozkurt, Norway (
  48. Rolf Schou, Norway (
  49. Elin Fjermestad, Norway (
  50. Kjell Gjerde, Norway (
  51. Reider Hatlelid, Norway (
  52. May-Britt Paulsen, Norway (
  53. Inger Marina Jakola, Norway (
  54. Anna Erdal, Norway (
  55. Irina Nylund, Norway (
  56. Siv Lisbeth Ratama Larsson, Norway (
  57. Natalie M. de Linde, Norway (
  58. Anita Bruvik, Norway (
  59. Jorunn Oydra, Norway (
  60. Tom Jarle Hammervoll, Norway (
  61. Helen Karlsen, Norway (
  62. Scott Johansen, Norway (
  63. Else Froynes, Norway (
  64. John Terje Henriksen, Norway (
  65. Cemal Ugur, Norway (
  66. Siw Elisabeth Aamodt, Norway (
  67. Isak Eiva, Norway (


These endorsements have been obtained via email and an online petition. More endorsements are coming on an hourly basis on


For further information in India contact: Suranya Aiyar, New Delhi, India [email protected], 9818886808. For further information from overseas, contact Marius Reikeras or other signatories whose details are listed above.