We the undersigned demand that the Government of India releases the report and data of all NSSO Surveys that have been completed and approved by the NSSO’s internal systems, including the results of the 75th round Survey of Consumer Expenditure, 2017-18.

A media leak published in Business Standard has revealed that the 2017-18 Consumer Expenditure Survey shows a sharp decline in average consumption. It has been suggested that the survey results are not being released because they support other evidence that the economy is experiencing a downturn. The Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation has now announced that the results of the survey will not be released at all, because they show a higher divergence with the “administrative data” than for earlier surveys.

It should be noted that consumption surveys are known to give results that diverge from macroeconomic estimates of the National Accounts. Also,  National Accounts estimates are based not only on administrative data but on a combination of sources including NSSO and other surveys. Several committees have looked into these discrepancies. While further work can be done to identify sources of and reduce these discrepancies, the common understanding has been that the flaws lie as much in the methods deployed for arriving at macroeconomic estimates as they do in surveys.

Consumption surveys are crucial for monitoring trends in poverty and inequality, and are also of critical value for national income accounting, and for updating macro-economic data such as price indices. They can provide an important check on administrative and macroeconomic data, which is important both for policy makers and the general public. The fact that data on supply of goods and household consumption are diverging points to the need for questioning supply side data (which are being widely questioned within and outside India) as much as it points to the continuing need for improving survey methods.

It is of fundamental importance for the nation that statistical institutions are kept independent of political interference, and are allowed to release all data independently. The record of the present government on this score has been very poor. Until recently, India has good cause to be proud of its statistical system, and the sample surveys conducted by the NSSO have served as a shining example and a model to the rest of the world. While there has been much discussion and debate about the methodology of the surveys, these have been scientific and technical in nature, devoted to trying to improve the system to enable better measures of crucial indicators.

However, this government has chosen to attack the credibility of this pre-eminent statistical institution simply because the results of the surveys do not accord with its own narrative about the economy, without providing any adequate reasons, and by misrepresenting essential features of the surveys. It has repeatedly shown its disinclination to make public any information that may show its own performance in a poor light. Last year, before the parliamentary elections, the results of the Periodic Labour Force Survey were not allowed to be released until the Parliamentary Elections were over, despite the resignation of two members of the National Statistical Commission, and a leak in the media. Subsequently, results of other surveys including the 75th round (Consumer Expenditure), 76th round (Drinking water, Sanitation, Hygiene, and Housing Conditions) and more recent quarterly data of the PLFS surveys, have not been released.

This suppression of essential data is terrible for accountability and for ensuring that citizens have the benefit of official data collection that is paid for with their taxes. It is also counterproductive for the government, which may be kept in the dark about actual trends in the economy and therefore not be able to devise appropriate policies. Undermining the objectivity and credibility of an independent statistical system is fundamentally against the national interest.

In the interest of transparency and accountability, all data must be released without delay and irrespective of what the results are. The government may wish to defend itself against interpretations of the statistics that it disagrees with. But this is best done through technical papers and seminars. To prevent release of data that are adverse, and diverge from its own understanding, is neither transparent nor technically sound.

Indeed, in order to produce transparent and robust information on distribution, it is also important for the government to grant researchers access to (anonymous) tax microfiles.

We therefore demand that the government should immediately release the report and unit-level data of the 75th Consumer Expenditure Survey. The government should also commit to release all other survey data after the usual processes to check for possible errors have been concluded.


1.            A Vaidyanathan, Former Member, Planning Commission

2.            A K Shiva Kumar, Ashoka University

3.            A V Jose, Visiting Fellow, CDS, Thiruvananthapuram

4.            Abhijit Sen, former Member, Planning Commission

5.            Abhirup Sarkar, ISI Kolkata

6.            Achin Chakraborty, IDS, Kolkata

7.            Aditya Bhattacharjea, Delhi School of Economics

8.            Aijaz Ahmad, University of California, Irvine

9.            Ajit Zacharias, Levy Institute, Bard College, New York

10.          Alejo Julca, Independent researcher

11.          Alex M. Thomas, Azim Premji University

12.          Alicia Puyana, Flacso, Mexico City

13.          Alpa Shah, London School of Economics

14.          Aman Bardia, New School for Social Research, New York.

15.          Amit Basole, Azim Premji University

16.          Amit Bhaduri, Emeritus Professor, JNU

17.          Amitabha Bhattacharya

18.          Amiti Sen, Journalist

19.          Amiya Bagchi, Emeritus Professor, Institute of Development Studies Kolkata

20.          Anamitra Roychowdhury, JNU

21.          Andres Lazzarini, Goldsmiths University, London

22.          Angus Deaton, Princeton University

23.          Anita Dixit, Pratichi Institute

24.          Anjana Thampi, IWWAGE, New Delhi

25.          Anup Sinha Retired Professor of Economics IIM Calcutta

26.          Anwar Shaikh, New School for Social Research

27.          Arindam Banerjee, AUD, Delhi

28.          Arjun Jayadev, Azim Premji University

29.          Arthur MacEwan, University of Massachusetts Boston

30.          Ashok Kotwal, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver

31.          Ashwini Deshpande, Ashoka University

32.          Astha Ahuja, University of Delhi

33.          Atul Sood, JNU

34.          Atul Sarma, Visiting Professor, ISID, New Delhi

35.          Atulan Guha, IIM, Kashipur

36.          Ayushya Kaul, Jamia Millia Islamia

37.          Avinash Kumar, JNU

38.          Awanish Kumar, St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai

39.          B Srujana, Tricontinental Institute for Social Research

40.          Barbara Harriss-White, Emeritus Professor, Oxford University, and Emeritus Fellow of Wolfson College, Oxford

41.          Ben Fine, SOAS

42.          Bhanoji Rao, Governing Board Member, GITAM and IFHE Universities

43.          Bharat Ramaswami, ISI Delhi

44.          Bibhas Saha, Durham University

45.          Bindu Oberoi, University of Delhi

46.          Biswajit Dhar, JNU

47.          Byju, V, Thiruvananthapuram

48.          C P Chandrasekhar, Retired Professor, JNU

49.          C Saratchand, University of Delhi

50.          Carlo Cafiero, Senior Statistician, FAO

51.          Chalapati Rao KS, ISID, Delhi

52.          Chirashree Das Gupta, JNU

53.          Chris Baker, Editor, Siam Society

54.          Christophe Joffrelot, Sciences Po and King’s College London

55.          D Narasimha Reddy, University of Hyderabad

56.          D Narayana, Former Director, Gulati Institute of Finance and Taxation

57.          Daniela Gabor, University of West England, Bristol

58.          David Kotz, Professor Emeritus, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

59.          Debabrata Pal, JNU

60.          Debraj Ray, New York University

61.          Deepak K Mishra, JNU

62.          Dev Nathan, Institute for Human Development

63.          Devaki Jain, ISST, New Delhi

64.          Devika Dutt, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

65.          Dilip Mookherjee, Boston University

66.          Dinesh Abrol, ISID, Delhi

67.          Dipa Sinha, AUD

68.          Dipankor Coondoo, Retired Professor, ISI

69.          Dipankar Dey, Dept of Business Management, Calcutta University

70.          E. Ahmet Tonak, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

71.          E Bijoykumar Singh, Manipur University

72.          Emanuele Citera, The New School For Social Research

73.          Farzana Afridi, ISI, Delhi

74.          Francesco Saraceno, Sciences Po

75.          Frédéric Deve, formerly Senior Policy and Governance Officer, FAO

76.          Gaurav Khanna, University of California, San Diego

77.          Gautam Gupta, Former Professor, Jadavpur University

78.          Giovanni Andrea Cornia, University of Florence

79.          Hanjabam Isworchandra Sharma, Manipur University

80.          Haroon Akram-Lodhi, Trent University, Canada

81.          Hema Swaminathan, IIM Bangalore

82.          Himanshu, JNU

83.          Indra Nath Mukherji, JNU

84.          Indraneel Dasgupta, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata

85.          Indranil Chowdhury, University of Delhi

86.          Indranil Mukhopadhyay, OP Jindal University

87.          Ingrid Kvangraven, York University

88.          Iqbal Singh, Akal University, Bathinda

89.          Ishan Anand, Ambedkar University, Delhi

90.          Ishita Mukhopadhyay, University of Calcutta

91.          J. Mohan Rao, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

92.          Jan Breman, University of Amsterdam

93.          Jan Kregel, Levy Institute

94.          Jason Hickel, Goldsmith College, London

95.          Jayan Jose Thomas, Economist, New Delhi

96.          Jayati Ghosh, JNU

97.          Jens Lerche, SOAS

98.          Jesim Pais, SSER

99.          John Harriss, Professor Emeritus, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver

100.        Jose Antonio Ocampo, Columbia University

101.        Joydeep Baruah, OKD Institute of Social Change and Development, Guwahati

102.        Kalyani Menon-Sen, Feminist Learning Partnerships

103.        Kathleen McAfee, San Francisco State University

104.        K J Joseph, Gulati Institute of Finance and Taxation

105.        K N Harilal, Member, Kerala State Planning Board

106.        K Nagaraj, Retired Professor, MIDS

107.        K P Kannan, Retired Professor, CDS

108.        K V Ramaswamy, IGIDR

109.        Kumarjit Mandal, University of Calcutta

110.        Kunibert Raffer, retired Associate Professor, University of Vienna

111.        Lawrence King, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

112.        Lucas Chancel, Co-Director, World Inequality Lab

113.        M S Bhatta, Retired Professor, Jamia Millia Islamia

114.        M S Sriram, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

115.        M Vijayabaskar, MIDS

116.        Maitreesh Ghatak, LSE

117.        Mahalaya Chatterjee, Calcutta University

118.        Malabika Majumdar, Retd. Professor, University of Delhi

119.        Mandira Sarma, JNU

120.        Martin Ravallion, Georgetown University

121.        Mary E John, CWDS

122.        Mira Shiva, Public Health Physician

123.        Mridul Eapen, Member, Kerala State Planning Board

124.        Mritiunjoy Mohanty, IIM, Kolkata

125.        Mustafa Özer, Anadolu University

126.        Mwangi wa Githinji – University of Massachusetts, Amherst

127.        Nalini Nayak, SEWA, Kerala

128.        Naveed Ahmad, Department of higher education Jammu and Kashmir (cluster University Srinagar)

129.        Narender Thakur, University of Delhi

130.        Nicholas Stern, LSE

131.        Nisha Biswas, Scientist

132.        Nishith Prakash, University of Connecticut

133.        Nitin Sethi, Independent journalist

134.        Oliver Braunschweig, The New School for Social Research

135.        Padmini Swaminathan, independent researcher, Chennai

136.        Parthapratim Pal, IIM Calcutta

137.        Pasuk Phongpaichit, Professor, Faculty of Economics, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok

138.        Peter Lanjouw, Development Economics Research Group, World Bank

139.        Prabhat Patnaik, Emeritus Professor, JNU

140.        Pranab Bardhan, University of California, Berkeley

141.        Pranab Kanti Basu, Retired Professor, Visva Bharati University

142.        Praveen Jha, JNU

143.        Priya Mukherjee, William & Mary, Virginia

144.        Pulin B Nayak, Retired Professor of Economics, Delhi School of Economics

145.        R Nagaraj, IGIDR

146.        R Ramakumar, TISS

147.        R V Ramana Murthy, University of Hyderabad

148.        Radhika Desai, Independent Feminist Researcher and Consultant, Hyderabad

149.        Ragupathy, Goldsmiths University, London

150.        Rahul Roy, ISI, Delhi

151.        Rajah Rasiah, University of Malaya

152.        Rajesh Madan, Noida

153.        Rajeswari Sengupta, IGIDR

154.        Rajesh Bhattacharya, IIM, Kolkata

155.        Rajiv Jha, University of Delhi

156.        Rakesh Ranjan, University of Delhi

157.        Ramaa Vasudevan, Colorado State University

158.        Rammanohar Reddy, Editor, The India Forum, and Visiting Professor, Goa University

159.        Ranjan Ray, Monash University

160.        Ranjini Basu, Focus on the Global South

161.        Ratan Khasnabis, Adamas University, and Retired Professor, Calcutta University

162.        Ravindran Govindan, Laurie Baker Centre for Habitat Studies, Trivandrum

163.        Ritu Dewan, Director (retd), Dept of Economics, University of Mumbai

164.        Rohini Hensman, writer and independent scholar

165.        Rohit Azad, JNU

166.        Romar Correa, University of Mumbai

167.        Rosa Abraham, Azim Premji University

168.        Runa Sarkar, IIM Calcutta

169.        S Krithi, TISS, Hyderabad

170.        S. Subramanian, Retired Professor, MIDS

171.        Sagari R Ramdas, Food Sovereignty Alliance

172.        Saikat Sinha Roy, Jadavpur University

173.        Samarjit Das, ISI, Kolkata

174.        Sanjay Reddy, The New School for Social Research

175.        Santosh Das, ISID, New Delhi

176.        Saradindu Bhaduri, JNU

177.        Sarmistha Pal, Surrey Business School

178.        Satish Deshpande, Delhi University

179.        Satyaki Roy, ISID, Delhi

180.        Saumyajit Bhattacharya, Delhi University

181.        Seema Kulkarni, SOPPECOM, Pune

182.        Servaas Storm, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

183.        Shambhu Ghatak, Senior Associate Fellow, Inclusive Media for Change

184.        Shantanu De Roy, TERI University

185.        Shiney Chakraborty, ISST, New Delhi

186.        Shipra Nigam, Consultant Economist, New Delhi

187.        Shouvik Chakraborty, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

188.        Shuji Uchikawa, Senshu University, Japan

189.        Shyjan Davis, University of Calicut

190.        Siwan Anderson, Vancouver School of Economics, University of British Columbia, Vancouver

191.        Smita Gupta, Economist

192.        Smitha Francis, ISID, New Delhi

193.        Snehashish Bhattacharya, SAU

194.        Sona Mitra, IWWAGE, New Delhi

195.        Stefano Zambelli, University of Trento, Italy

196.        Suchetana Chattopadhyay, Jadavpur University.

197.        Subin Dennis, Tricontinental Institute for Social Research

198.        Sudha Narayanan, IGIDR

199.        Sudhir Kumar Suthar, JNU

200.        Sudip Chaudhuri, IIM, Kolkata

201.        Sudipta Bhattacharyya, Visva Bharati

202.        Sujata Patel, NIS, Shimla

203.        Sukanta Bhattacharya, University of Calcutta

204.        Sushil Khanna, IIM, Kolkata

205.        Sripad Motiram, University of Massachusetts Boston

206.        Sunanda Sen, Retired Professor, JNU

207.        Surajit Das, JNU

208.        Surajit Mazumdar, JNU

209.        Suresh Aggarwal, Former Professor, Department of Business Economics, University of Delhi

210.        Suranjan Gupta, New Delhi

211.        T Sabri Öncü, Former Head of Research, CAFRAL

212.        Takahiro Sato, Kobe University

213.        Taposik Banerjee, Ambedkar University, Delhi

214.        Thomas Piketty, Paris School of Economics

215.        Upasak Das, University of Pennsylvania

216.        Utsa Patnaik, Emerita Professor, JNU

217.        Uttam Bhattacharya, Institute of Development Studies, Kolkata

218.        Vamsi Vakulabharanam, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

219.        Velupillai Kumaraswamy, former Professor, University of Trento and New School University

220.        Venkatesh B Athreya, Professor of Economics (Retired), Bharathidasan University

221.        Vikas Rawal, JNU

222.        Yogendra Yadav, Swaraj India, and former member, UGC

223.        Yoshifumi Usami, University of TokyoSignatories of the Online Statement

S.NoNameCityStateCountrySigned On
1Archana PrasadDelhi India2019-11-22
2Pradeep Shinde  India2019-11-22
3Nikkita GuptaDelhi India2019-11-22
4Paras JasraiDelhi India2019-11-22
5Kritika AroraNew Delhi India2019-11-22
6Radhika SinghaDelhi India2019-11-22
7Debolina BiswasKolkata India2019-11-22
8Doordarshni ThokchomNew Delhi India2019-11-22
9Kamya Singh  India2019-11-22
10Athoibi NingombamNew Delhi India2019-11-22
11Ravi VasudevanKolkata India2019-11-22
12Ankur ParasharLudhiana India2019-11-22
13Sabina Basha  India2019-11-22
14Aditya NaikPune India2019-11-22
15Arpana KulluMumbai India2019-11-22
16Ashish RanjanHyderabad India2019-11-22
17Anil Pawar  India2019-11-22
18Abhinav AnandDelhi India2019-11-22
19Fateh RanaDelhi India2019-11-22
20Piyush SwainDelhi India2019-11-22
21Animesh VadehraNew Delhi India2019-11-22
22Akhila KumaranMumbai India2019-11-22
23Dipyaman Sanyal  India2019-11-22
24Akash Malhotra  India2019-11-22
25Dishi AgarwalNew Delhi India2019-11-22
26Narendranath Damodaran  India2019-11-22
27Dilip KumarHyderabad India2019-11-22
28Rohith JNew Delhi India2019-11-22
29Tapas Singh Modak  India2019-11-22
30A Sunil Dharan  India2019-11-22
31Sanjay KumarPatna India2019-11-22
32Ambreen FirdousDelhi India2019-11-22
33Ashutosh MishraBangalore India2019-11-22
34Prashant PanwarDelhi India2019-11-22
35Samanths KsThanjavur(Dt) India2019-11-22
36Parag WalnisNew Delhi India2019-11-22
37Saswata Guha ThakurataKolkata India2019-11-22
38Bimal SahooKharagpur India2019-11-22
39Anannya Mitra  India2019-11-22
40Arsalan SiddiquiNew Delhi India2019-11-22
41Vivek RanjanKolkata India2019-11-22
42Malini Chakravarty  India2019-11-22
43Bibhu KumarDelhi India2019-11-22
44Manohar Boda  India2019-11-22
45Chaitra Khole  India2019-11-22
46Shloka Kumar  India2019-11-22
47Manish RanjanJaipur India2019-11-22
48Hari NairDoha Qatar2019-11-22
49Megha SinghNew Delhi India2019-11-22
50Shweta ZalaDelhi India2019-11-22
51Shreya BhattacharyaHoustonTexasUS2019-11-22
52Vanita MukherjeeNew Delhi India2019-11-22
53Nian Paul  India2019-11-22
54Umesh YadavNew Delhi India2019-11-22
55Pankaj KumarNew Delhi India2019-11-22
56Abhishek DwivediNew Delhi India2019-11-22
57Saroj NagKolkata India2019-11-22
58Chandrasekhar BalagopalTrivandrum India2019-11-22
59Tejendra Pratap SinghDelhi India2019-11-22
60Jael SillimanKolkata India2019-11-22
61Devika JayakumariTrivandrum India2019-11-22
62Sandhya IyerMumbai India2019-11-22
63Rajashree RNew Delhi India2019-11-22
64Hartman De SouzaPune India2019-11-22
65Basil Isaac  India2019-11-22
66Paaritosh NathNew Delhi India2019-11-22
67Biju AugustineDelhi India2019-11-22
68Khalid Khan KhalidNew Delhi India2019-11-22
69Shivam KatiyarDelhi India2019-11-22
70Dashleen Kaur  India2019-11-22
71Marina GandhiKolkata India2019-11-22
72Prameela KpCochin India2019-11-22
73Sunil GandhiKolkata India2019-11-22
74Prem KumarChuru India2019-11-22
75Supriya GhoshBhavnagar India2019-11-22
76Manish SinghVaranasi India2019-11-22
77Shraddha JainDelhi India2019-11-22
78Shaila JohnNoida India2019-11-22
79Hindu SachaAhmedabad India2019-11-22
80Anita VermaDelhi India2019-11-22
81Shaji RamachandranErnakulam India2019-11-22
82Neethi PBengaluru India2019-11-22
83Kannan NavaneethamMasunga Botswana2019-11-22
84Beita Mayanglambam  India2019-11-22
85Meghraj MeenaDelhi India2019-11-22
86Vineetha VenugopalBhanjanagar India2019-11-22
87Kanchan PandayVaranasi India2019-11-22
88K.M. BharathanKollam India2019-11-22
89Shreya MandalDelhi India2019-11-22
90Amit NandanCochin India2019-11-22
91Vidyarani KizhakkeppatThiruvananthapuram India2019-11-22
92Joseph Ravi  India2019-11-22
93Niveeth BabuChennai India2019-11-22
94Rahul RanjanDhanbad India2019-11-22
95Saurav MukherjeeMumbai India2019-11-22
96George PulikuthiyilThrissur India2019-11-22
97Kinjal Ganguly  India2019-11-22
98G Gopal  India2019-11-22
99Prabhakaran M MelathThiruvananthapuram India2019-11-22
100Reetika SindhiDelhi India2019-11-22
101Bhaskar SinhaMumbai India2019-11-22
102Vishnu Ravi  India2019-11-22
103Girija K PKerala India2019-11-22
104Ena ChopraBengaluru India2019-11-22
105Bibin Thomas  India2019-11-22
106Arqam MuhammadAmbur India2019-11-22
107Angarika RakahitDelhi India2019-11-22
108Virginia SaldanhaMumbai India2019-11-22
109Shaji JosephPune India2019-11-22
110Nchro NchroNew Delhi India2019-11-22
111Tomy MathewKozhikode India2019-11-22
112Arunima GNew Delhi India2019-11-22
113Nancy YadavNew Delhi India2019-11-22
114Nivedita MenonNew Delhi India2019-11-22
115Rosie LalrampuiiAizawl India2019-11-22
116Radha GopalanThrissur India2019-11-22
117Shihas Abdul RazakBengaluru India2019-11-22
118Ankita GoyalNew Delhi India2019-11-22
119M A OonnebThiruvananthapuram India2019-11-22
120Dilip RameshBengaluru India2019-11-22
121Bibek RajakNoida India2019-11-22
122Chandni NairNew Delhi India2019-11-22
123Dr Anand TeltumbdeKharagpur India2019-11-22
124Konderapu MohanaraoHyderabad India2019-11-22
125Ruchira SenKansas CityMissouriUS2019-11-22
126Kesavan Rajasekharan NayarMundamveli India2019-11-22
127Sreeju V NadhThiruvananthapuram India2019-11-22
128Jayashree TKerala India2019-11-22
129Parameswaran MThiruvananthapuram India2019-11-22
130Darshan Jorwad  India2019-11-22
131Manik Kumar  India2019-11-22
132Navpreet KaurNew Delhi India2019-11-22
133Arpita Chakraborty  India2019-11-22
134Montu BoseDelhi India2019-11-22
135Yadu C RTrivandrum India2019-11-22
136Mohina SaxenaMumbai India2019-11-22
137Chekkutty N P Pudussery  India2019-11-22
138Achintya Anita GurumurthySonipat India2019-11-22
139Vaishali KohliDelhi India2019-11-22
140Bhagyashree Paul  India2019-11-22
141Ramandeep KaurShimla India2019-11-22
142Priyama Majumdar  India2019-11-22
143Benoy PjKOTTAYAM India2019-11-22
144Nigamantha Manu Chakravarthy  India2019-11-22
145Mahendra Gada  India2019-11-22
146Francisco FerreiraWashingtonDistrict of ColumbiaUS2019-11-22
147Mathi VananMadurai India2019-11-22
148Gopika. G.GHyderabad India2019-11-22
149Janaki ShibuBonn Germany2019-11-22
150Sashwati BanerjeeNew Delhi India2019-11-22
151Rasika ChopraLucknow India2019-11-22
152Rijeena KKozhikode India2019-11-22
153Jayanti MishraGurgaon India2019-11-22
154Shreyansh VishwakarmaDelhi India2019-11-22
155Deepam KumarBengaluru India2019-11-22
156Abhishek GoelLucknow India2019-11-22
157Rangadurai GChennai India2019-11-22
158Sachu R SunnyPondicherry India2019-11-22
159Rumi AzimBengaluru India2019-11-22
160Catherine ThankammaCochin India2019-11-22
161Shamita Das DasguptaMontvilleNew JerseyUS2019-11-22
162Sreenivasan Subramanian  India2019-11-22
163Roopsi AgrawalLucknow India2019-11-22
164Sachin NNew Delhi India2019-11-22
165Shyma JoseDelhi India2019-11-22
166Gunjan PandeyMumbai India2019-11-22
167Sudeshna GhoshCalcutta India2019-11-22
168Soma Kishore ParthasarathyNew Delhi India2019-11-22
169Abhilash MalayilJerusalem Israel2019-11-22
170Raven HetzlerAmherstMassachusettsUS2019-11-23
171James MerkelBelfastMaineUS2019-11-23
172Aruna BhardwajNew Delhi India2019-11-23
173Pa Azeez  India2019-11-23
174Prachi BansalDelhi India2019-11-23
175Galen BrownCobourg Canada2019-11-23
176Idrees KachoThiruvananthapuram India2019-11-23
177Ankit SonariyaNadiad India2019-11-23
178Sudarshan PGandhinagar India2019-11-23
179V.K. Anilkumar Laurie Baker CentreCochin India2019-11-23
180Dhananjay RaiBengaluru India2019-11-23
181Vikash MishraNew Delhi India2019-11-23
182Deepti BhatnagarAhmedabadGeorgiaUS2019-11-23
183Harilal MadhavanThiruvananthapuram India2019-11-23
184Md Zakaria Siddiqui  Australia2019-11-23
185Rabiul Nsary  India2019-11-23
186Naveen HariDelhi India2019-11-23
187G Murugan Centre For Development StudiesTrivandrumErnakulamIndia2019-11-23
188Tareef Husain  India2019-11-23
189Habeesh CheeramveetilErnakulam India2019-11-23
190Rityusha TiwaryDelhi India2019-11-23
191Md Usman Ghani Farooqui  India2019-11-23
192Tamal RejaRourkela India2019-11-23
193Vachaspati ShuklaAhmedabad India2019-11-23
194Biplab DhakPatna India2019-11-23
195Sangram MukherjeeCalcutta India2019-11-23
196Gita SenBengaluru India2019-11-23
197Sukriti SPatna India2019-11-23
198Shashi Bhushan RayPatna India2019-11-23
199Nitish KumarPatna India2019-11-23
200   India2019-11-23
201Sebastian Morris Ahmedabad India2019-11-23
202Rakesh BasantAhmedabad India2019-11-23
203Ankur Yadav  India2019-11-23
204Govind YadavAhmedabad India2019-11-23
205Sakshi Saini  India2019-11-23
206Jaya KumariPatna India2019-11-23
207Guru Prasad Ojha OjhaPatna India2019-11-23
208Preeti ManchandaNoida India2019-11-23
209Joseph Kurien  India2019-11-23
210Sarvesh Kumar VermaNew Delhi India2019-11-23
211Abdul Azeez ErumbanGroningen Netherlands2019-11-23
212Abrar Moulvi GillesPlains Australia2019-11-24
213Sneha SandezErnakulam India2019-11-24
214Sriram Shankar  Australia2019-11-24
215Joseph VijayanTrivandrum India2019-11-24
216Satyakam PattanayakMallarpur India2019-11-24
217Sunil MandiwalDelhi India2019-11-24
218Mohanakumar SaradammaJaipur India2019-11-24
219Mohamed Anees MKozhikode India2019-11-24
220Ashedef IlliyanNew Delhi India2019-11-24
221Beena Pl  India2019-11-24
222Susanta DattaAshoknagar Kalyangarh India2019-11-24
223Jaspreet KaurLudhiana India2019-11-24
224Jayati Sarkar  India2019-11-24
225Raju DasMaple Canada2019-11-24
226T ParanjothiThiruvananthapuram India2019-11-24
227Baladhamodaran Balajaganathan  India2019-11-24
228Sudipto MundleNew Delhi India2019-11-24
229Rudra MishraCoimbatore India2019-11-24
230Subrata Mukherjee  India2019-11-24
231Muneera PookunjuDoha Qatar2019-11-24
232Ajay AtluriBengaluru India2019-11-24
233Moumita Sengupta  India2019-11-24
234Rohith UnnikrishnanPondicherry India2019-11-24
235Arun Navaratna  India2019-11-24
236Sanjay Kumar BHyderabad India2019-11-24
237Tinu JosephNagpur India2019-11-24
238Rachel Simon-Kumar Auckland New Zealand2019-11-24
239Materne MaetzAix-en-provence France2019-11-24
240Sonam ChoudhryNew Delhi India2019-11-24
241Ashutosh VermaAhmedabad India2019-11-24
242John Kurien  India2019-11-24
243Amrita GhatakAhmedabad India2019-11-24
244Firdous Malik  India2019-11-24
245Joseph SebastianDelhi India2019-11-24
246Valatheeswaran ChinnakkannuDublin Ireland2019-11-24
247Rishita SankritBhopal India2019-11-24
248Jay Dev DubeyDelhi India2019-11-24
249Prakash Shukla  India2019-11-24
250Mrinalini JhaSingapore Singapore2019-11-24
251Rajesh KumarRohtak India2019-11-24
252Sudatta BanerjeeNew Delhi India2019-11-24
253John Joseph  India2019-11-24
254Nesar AhmadJaipur India2019-11-24
255Shanku KumarKakkanad India2019-11-24
256Rajat AgrawalKolkata India2019-11-24
257Gareth WallStevenage UK2019-11-24
258Bishal Roy  India2019-11-24
259Sabir AhamedKolkata India2019-11-24
260Md Sajid KhanRanchi India2019-11-24
261Santanu Pramanik  India2019-11-24
262Sharanjit Singh DhillonLyndhurstNew JerseyUS2019-11-24
263Murugan GangadharanKozhikode India2019-11-24
264Najibur Rahaman MallickKolkata India2019-11-24
265Sweety DubeyKolkata India2019-11-24
266Anirban Kundu  India2019-11-24
267Paul BlacklowWest Hobart Australia2019-11-24
268Prasad SAluva India2019-11-25
269Shilpa MenonIllinoisIllinoisUS2019-11-25
270Sivanandan P.K.
Delhi India2019-11-25
271Munish SharmaIndore India2019-11-25
272Narayanan Nair Krishnan  India2019-11-25
273Jafar KHyderabad India2019-11-25
274Praneeth BompemHyderabad India2019-11-25
275Shreya SinghalLucknow India2019-11-25
276Aneesh MrBengaluru India2019-11-25
277Deepshikha Pentom  India2019-11-25
278Naidugari LokanathHyderabad India2019-11-25
279Sandeep KumarPatna India2019-11-25
280Tara ShankarShaw India2019-11-25
281Blessy Agustine  India2019-11-25
282Laxmi MaluKolkata India2019-11-25
283Harmandeep KheraOxford UK2019-11-25
284Sandesh OsHyderabad India2019-11-25
285Janakiram BatchuHyderabad India2019-11-25
286Tanushree HaldarNAGPUR India2019-11-25
287Subramanian VeeraputhranKottayam India2019-11-25
288Saina ZakirhussainHyderabad India2019-11-25
289Srikar Mallik BodlaGurgaon India2019-11-25
290Soumya DattaNew Delhi India2019-11-25
291Samyak JainDelhi India2019-11-25
292Rajeswari RainaNew Delhi India2019-11-25
293Ananda VadiveluMysore India2019-11-25
294Sudheer SinghLucknow India2019-11-25