India and its beautiful unity in diversity can never go out of trend. The use of loudspeakers for reciting Azaan by Muslims had become a cause of inconvenience for their fellow Non-Muslim countrymen. Paying heed to that little inconvenience, a group of 18 Mosques in Kerala’s Malappuram district has decided to offer Azaan from a single mosque instead of all the 18 mosques to help curb down the noise.

The initiative was taken by Valiya Juma Masjid, the biggest mosque in Vazhakkad area of Malappuram. It has signed an agreement with 17 other mosques in the area. As per the agreement, only the Valiya Juma Masjid will recite Azaan on loudspeakers while the other 17 mosques will repeat it without using loudspeakers.

They’ve not just set an example for Muslims in India, but also for Muslims all over the world. The agreement is a unanimous decision taken by the factions of Sunni, Mujahid (Salafi), Jamate Islami and Tableeg Jamath to check noise pollution in the area.

While Muslims all over the world are busy in dividing themselves into different creeds, the Muslims of Malappuram have exemplified the power of unity.

The practice of single Azaan is in place since the last five days now. A committee has also been set up to ensure that all the mosques recite Azaan at the same time. T P Abdul Azeez, President, Vazhakkad Mosques Committee said,

“There are seven mosques in the Vazhakkad junction alone and 10 more in a radius of a few kilometres. It has come to our notice that the call for prayers by these mosques at different times, multiple times in the day, had caused inconvenience to educational institutions, to the public and for merchants in nearby areas.”

Needless to say, the decision has been welcomed by the residents as well. The Valiya Juma Masjid has just acted as the pioneer and reportedly many other mosques have been inspired by them to take up the practice of single Azaan.

Indeed this has been a perfect example of what wonders unity can bring about. It is high time the different sects of Muslims take a lesson from these mosques of Kerala and stand united as one single community.

No matter what the issue is, we Indians will find a way out of it anyhow. This initiative has only lengthened the secular thread of our country further. Isn’t that worth some applause? Do let us know what you feel about the beautiful unity of our country in our comments section below.

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