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Special Correspondent

Bhopal/Tikamgarh: A minor tribal girl who likes to dress up as a boy had to face a harrowing time as she was first wrongly detained in place of her brother in a theft case and then allegedly made to strip at police station to prove that she was indeed a girl.

A complaint to this effect has been made by father of the girl to the Tikamgarh district superintendent of police (SP) on Saturday against the staff of the local police station in Mohangarh. The family resides in Nayagaon village under jurisdiction of this police station.

The police have however refuted the charge. The sub-divisional officer of police (SDOP), Tikamgarh Nitesh Bhargava has said that the girl had been questioned at an agriculture field near her house, but never taken to police station, let alone stripped.

However, the girl and her father are insistent with the allegation.

Sources said that the girl’s brother was a suspect in a theft case. Deorda police raided their house on Friday night and took the girl, who dresses up as a boy and also has her hair cropped short with them, despite the police telling them that she was a girl and sister of the suspect boy.

Once in police station, the policemen, some of whom were allegedly in an inebriated condition, sexually harassed her and made her to strip her pants to prove that she was a girl. In the course of this ‘identity ascertaining’ the clothes of the girl also got torn.

Having ascertained that, they reportedly dropped her back home. The complaint was made to the SP, Nimish Agrawal’s office.