What makes this case even more horrifying is that Awasthi was accused of the same crimes by some minors of a Hoshangabad shelter last year, but was allowed to run his home in Bhopal, where he allegedly continued to prey on children as young as 10.

Congress took the youngsters to the party office for a press conference before they even had a chance to speak with police. Till late Friday night, police were still trying to take down statements and had not yet filed an FIR.

On Friday afternoon, 40 deaf and mute teenagers trooped in, accusing Awasthi of rape. The teens — who covered their faces — let out their sufferings through translator Shraddha Shukla. State Congress spokesperson Shobha Oza spoke in support of the survivors, and said, “Officials are not heeding their grievances. Why wasn’t Awasthi punished if he was found guilty in the Hoshangbad case last year? Why did the government allow him to run the Bhopal shelter?”

The six complainants alleged that Awasthi repeatedly raped them and would beat them mercilessly if they resisted. The teenagers submitted a signed complaint listing Awasthi’s horrendous and sickening act