Mr President, please ensure Lingaram doesn


On 12 March Bastar-based activist and independent multi-media journalist Lingaram Kodopi posted a fairly long Facebook status in Hindi.

He talked about ending his life on 23 March: “I am happy and I do not fear death. Today or tomorrow, death will come. I don’t know whether peace will prevail in Bastar or not. I accept my death. March 23rd is an auspicious date for my death. It will be good if I attain death on this date. Why should Kalluri decide my death? I will decide it myself. Why should my death come at the hands of a criminal,” read a part of his Facebook post.

For many of us who have known Linga over the years, this has come as nothing short of a shock and surprise. The Linga that we knew was a brave and fearless young adivasi activist and journalist, always ready to fight against all odds and never willing to give up. Naturally, his announcement to take his own life was a matter of great concern and anxiety for many us.