Nehru Centre presents Inter Art Festival. Dedicated to Vikam Sarabhai.



An ensemble dance drama on human saga by Mallika Sarabhai.

6.30pm both days at nehru centre, worli

Apr 17: Unearthed —  It mirrors our pitiable attitude towards the weakest, the most deprived and the marginalised.
Apr 18: The Dammed— mass displacement due to dams and industrialisation

A classical act

By Reema Gehi, Mumbai Mirror | Apr 14, 2014, 1
A classical act
It’s with a thrust towards highlighting and producing major new collaborative work, that the 38th Vikram Sarabhai International Arts Festival (April 16 to 18) will explore different aspects of displacement. As conveyor of the fest, classical dancer Dr Mallika Sarabhai says, “It becomes necessary to reinvent and expand the language to meet changing times and newer sciences and concepts of thought and society. Art is a powerful language.” Over to Sarabhai:Q: What can we expect at this year’s festival?MS: More and more people in India and elsewhere are getting displaced and dispossessed due to circumstances beyond their control. Industrialisation, mining, big dams, climate change, economic and political reasons lead massive groups of humanity to lose their homes and roots. UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) figures show increasingly wider swathes of humanity being uprooted and usually not finding proper rehabilitation. This project aims at raising public awareness, to raise voices, to influence governments, especially the Indian government, to put in place just, equitable and humane policies to settle these millions.

Simultaneously, I have been dismayed at our displacement from ourselves. We live by what brand managers and advertisers tell us we are. Our sense of self is determined by what they tell us. They tell us that others are the cause of our malaise, that ‘they’ are to blame. Politicians play on this. We go with this and lead empty lives because that doesn’t touch us. All this prompted the festival.

Q: What made you by adapt Gabriel Garcia Marquez into a physical theatre performance (Unearthed)? How did that fit in?

MS: Unearthed is a theatre-production that employs many forms including puppetry and a fantastic soundscape, to tell the tale of human tendencies that alienate the other. It is an adaptation of a Marquez short story — A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings — by Gowri Ramnarayan, that Yadavan Chandran (filmmaker) and I have directed with an ensemble cast. For those not familiar with the original story, it is about the arrival of a castaway on a strange land and the disturbances that this creates. It plays with our need to define and our nature to reject anything unfamiliar. It mirrors our pitiable attitude towards the weakest, the most deprived and the marginalised.

Q: How are the two performances (Unearthed and The Dammed) that you’re in, different from one another?

MS: One is physical theatre, magico-realism, talking of displacement from the self. The Dammed is dance and multimedia and about mass displacement due to dams and industrialisation

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