12017610_937072179700165_5350776038561491151_oWe will not allow the forces of darkness to claim India !

Dr. Narendra Dabholkar, Com.Govind Pansare, Dr.M. M. Kalburgi ! Torch-bearers of truth, precious lives taken by blood-thirsty fanatics. Everyone knows who murdered them. Villains who want to poison a billion minds with ignorance and hatred. Intoxicated by political power and alliance with big business, they dream of endless fratricides in the name of religion. Medieval minds who want caste system to continue forever, who believe women can never be equal to men, who feel threatened by rational minds.

To challenge the communal, casteist and irrational forces and to uphold the legacy of Dr. Dabholkar, Com. Pansare, Dr. Kalburgi, several progressive and secular groups from Maharashtra like DYFI & many others have come together to organize “Artists Against Communalism ”- a mass assembly of painters,writers,poets,theater activists – This  campaign is  part of Yuva Sangharash Sandesh Jatha at various locations across Maharashtra that reaches Mumbai on 6th October 2015.

This campaign is an attempt to bring together several groups who stand by the ideas of progressiveness, secularism and rationality. Several public intellectuals and artists from Maharashtra and outside will participate in this campaign.
The effort is to awaken all secular minded citizens and rally them in the resistance against forces who have taken the lives of Dr. Dabholkar, Com. Pansare and Dr. Kalburgi.
In Mumbai, the event will be held Near NIhal Corner, Naya Nagar, Mira Road (East) from 6 pm- 10 pm. You are invited to express your artistic zeal on the above theme in the campaign.

“Art is not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer with which to shape it”- Bertolt Brecht

Shivam Singh
DYFI Mira-Bhayandar City Committee