As per a recent report, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) moved more than 50 OPD patients from KEM and Tata Hospitals to a makeshift arrangement ‘under’ the Hindmata bridge. While one woman was pregnant, some of them were battling cancer and other medical conditions. In a recent update, Mumbai Live was informed about the death of one of the patients who was suffering cancer.

Confirming the same, Shivsena Corporator, Urmila Panchal, said, “Despite requesting him several times, the patient was not ready to cooperate and shift. Further, he had no relatives or family members with him and so the municipal officials were informed about the scenario. Necessary arrangements were being made for him too, however, he passed away in the afternoon. All the other patients have been shifted safely to a five-star hotel.”

BJP leader, Kirit Somaiya took to Twitter to confirm the same, with a message stating that One of the patients was staying in the open area below the Hindmata Bridge and died at the same place, on Monday afternoon (April 13, 2020). These patients were there for eight days and when I went to the location, I saw a terrible state they were living in, and it looked as though the government had left them there to die. This has happened due to the negligence and strict action needs to be taken.

In a conversation with Mumbai Live and he confirmed the news and said, “The government is not able to handle the current situation in an organised manner, as most of the healthcare facilities will then be dedicated only for coronavirus patients, due to which, people with other health conditions – and need treatment like chemotherapy, dialysis and more – will suffer.”

Reports earlier also stated that these patients were not infected by the coronavirus and were moved from the premises of these hospitals to this location for safety reasons. However, this decision taken by the officials raised concerns regarding the healthcare system in Mumbai and the facilities available for people to travel to this city, for treatment. More than 50 patients were living in this area, amid the coronavirus outbreak, and this could have been a risk.