The Mumbai Development Plan 2034 came into force from the 25th of February 2015 as per Section 26 of the MR&TP Act 1966. Suggestions and objections have been called on the same till the 24th of April 2015.  Till such time as the this DP is finally approved the stricter of the two provisions will be applicable (Section 46 of the MR&TP Act 1966). The Mumbai Development plan 2014-34 has to be an all-encompassing document that protects the interest of the disenfranchised. However, the current draft excludes nearly three fourths of the city’s population and fails to respond to the pressing challenges of urban poverty, climate change, heritage conservation etc. The 60 day notice period for suggestions and objections is an opportunity for citizens to voice their opinion on the future of Mumbai. But more importantly, given that it is a 20 year plan and will be in place for almost an entire generation with implications outlasting even multiple cycles of elections, it is imperative for citizens to take action immediately.

So we’re asking every Mumbaikar to object, petition, raise your voice and reclaim your city. There is no room for minor corrections in the DP as it is already enforced. Dump this DP!!