By ShameelaZaidi on Facebook

I am so irritated, we left early morning before 9Am to cast our votes.. But in vain.. an entire day spent in this heat and sweat running around various offices and searching files for our names on polling booths.. -Wasted.

All the fret and efforts of our families, entire building names.. All are deleted.. Eg. ‘Haidery manzil’ and names reflecting susceptible names have been deleted.. They are so shrewd that our entire Zaidi family is nonexistence.. this is after being prepared with elector I.D. cards and registering in time..

Subsequently through strenuous searching in various files we found our Nani’s name as she is a ‘Jafree, they thought old alone people won’t come in sensitive areas to vote.. Youth turned up in Huge numbers in these areas but they faced similar problems..

We have always voted, our lineage and family have contributed beautifully to our secular country and have been active citizens, even for consensus My Mum and Dad spend days here at our old place so that we don’t miss it..

We even checked our names in the ASD (Absentee, Shifted, Dead) Lists, it was not there.. = { Also, in predisposed areas, the booths are on the above floors in schools where the old and specially-able people have to climb stairs as there is no provision of escalators.. my cousins and friends staying in worli and other places, had easily accessible booths.

Why the difference? Elections this year is all rigged and this has been carefully planned.. first BJP and AAP is both backed by RSS so that the Congress vote gets divided and now this.. = ( even if I press NOTA, I do have a right to cast my Vote.

Consequently everyone is just sad that if this is Modi’s rule before elections, then what will happen after he assumes the post of PM of our ‘Secular Union of Indian Republic‘ It was shocking to hear that Bangalore received only 53% voting.. =’ ( and we hence wanted to make sure everyone we know to exercise their right.. unlike most nations, we have a right to vote..

and We have Earned a ‘Right to Vote on Governance’ after the Unification of various territories into an ‘Indian Union‘ as a singular country called the ‘Republic of Indian Union’ and we the citizens of our republic, waste this essential identification of Us as its ‘Rightful Citizen’. What’s then the use of being called a ‘Democratic Nation..?’

You want to revive POTA or create panic by fake bomb blasts and riots? I at this moment understand why our parents gave us secular names.

Here I stand.

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