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Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: The Maharashtra State Women’s Commission (MSWC) chairman on Monday wrote to the Mumbai Police Commissioner demanding suspension of IPS officer Sunil Paraskar. The senior cop has been accused of rape by a Mumbai-based model.
The MSWC chairperson, Susieben Shah, in her letter wrote that the officer should be suspended pending the investigation of case against him.

“To ensure a free and fair investigation, either Mr Paraskar should step aside voluntarily while the investigation is ongoing; and if not, he should be suspended pending completion of the investigation,” the letter said.

The commission, in the letter, has also raised questions on Paraskar`s denial to undergo a lie detector test, as ordered by a Mumbai court recently. Susieben Shah, in her letter said that she has checked with a cardiologist in Mumbai and he was of the opinion that Paraskar does not face any health hazard for the test.

The IPS officer had told the court that he would not be able to take a lie-detector as he had recently undergone a bypass operation.

She has also demanded that the commission should be updated regularly on the status of the ongoing investigation.

Shah also said that the police should conduct a fair and appropriate investigation in the rape case.

The MSWC chairman also fails to understand the hesitation of the accused DIG Paraskar to go through a lie detection test when the model is ready to undergo the same test.

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