My Hindu wife’s bizman father has locked her up: Muslim man tells police
Moeen and Kalpana were married in November 2013
Moeen Shaikh is alleging his father-in-law has confined his wife in Daman as he opposed their marriage. The couple, childhood sweethearts, grew up in the same building in Four Bungalows.

In a scene straight out of a bad Bollywood flick, a couple belonging to different faiths is facing the ire of their families for tying the knot, with the girl’s father – a wealthy businessman – allegedly spiriting his daughter out of Mumbai and confining her to a house in Daman.

Childhood sweethearts Kalpana Patel and Moeen Shaikh, both 24, were residents of the same building in Four Bungalows and were married in November 2013. While Kalpana is a commerce graduate from Narsee Monjee College in Vile Parle, Shaikh has completed Class XII.

Shaikh, who filed a missing person complaint with Amboli police station last week, claims his wife’s father, Bhagwanji Patel, has been restraining her against her wishes.

“Since I am Muslim and she is Hindu, we knew our families wouldn’t consent to our marriage. We decided to keep it secret and live with our respective families till we could win their support. Kalpana even changed her name to Zoya Moeen Shaikh after our wedding,” Shaikh, who is working in his father’s export business, said.

Earlier this year, the couple decided to tell their families about their marriage. “I told my family in January. Initially, they weren’t too happy about it, but they accepted her since they knew her well. When Kalpana told her family on March 10, her parents were furious. They did not accept the marriage and were dead against it,” he added.

“I last spoke to my wife on March 13 when she called me and said her father had brought her to Daman to keep her away from me. Her phone has been switched off ever since. We were both consenting adults when we married. How can he keep us from living together?” said Shaikh, adding he has not called his wife’s family to avoid aggravating the matter.

While Kalpana’s parents were unwilling to comment, a family member who declined to be named, said, “This is a very personal matter. We wouldn’t like to say anything about it.” Despite several attempts, Mirror was unable to reach Bhagwanji Patel or Kalpana.

“The complaint has been received by Amboli police station and we are inquiring into the matter,” ACP Samadhan Dhanedar said. Shaikh said he will be taking the legal recourse soon.