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Navy Employee And BPO Manager Claim Inspector Assaulted Them At Vikhroli

Two sports enthusiasts, who were training at night for a marathon, were allegedly thrashed by a policeman early on Saturday and threatened with a false case.Breeze Sharma (40), employed with the navy , and his friend Kavin Kondabathini (34), a BPO employee, regularly practise on the city’s roads by night to train for a run on Himalayan terrain. They were on a regular round on Friday night near the Eastern Express Highway and halted for a snack in Vikhroli at around 2am on Saturday , when they were first accosted by the policeman.

Sharma and Kondabathini were having refreshments inside a makeshift tent at Vikhroli, when a police inspector spotted them. The tents had been set up to conduct the physical tests of applicants for constables’ jobs and are left unattended at night.

The inspector reportedly assaulted Sharma and Kondabathini with a lathi, for stopping at the police tent and took another lathi when the first one broke. Sharma and Kondabathini had parked their jeep and bike respectively on the service road before they started and following the assault, they left the spot hurriedly in their vehicles. The duo said they stopped their vehicles some distance from the tent but the inspector reportedly followed them in a van and assaulted them. They then drove for quite a few kilometers and stoppedagain for Kondabathini to collect his bag from Sharma’s jeep when the police van also arrived there.

A constable from the van then allegedly told the duo that the inspector would arrest them in a false case, so they sped off with their vehicles fearing arrest. “He had beaten me badly and I didn’t tell my family members about it initially,“ said Kavin. “I am unaware of this incident.
They can meet senior officers with their grievances and we will inquire into it,“ said Mahesh Patil, deputy commissioner of police and city police spokesperson.

Sharma said he has been practising on roads for 14 months and is associated with a group called the `Mumbai Road Runners’.

Breeze on Facebook states


Guys am about to share something which can happen to any of u;As u r aware i was to run 100kms as my last training leg before my gruelling event at Himalaya (Himalayan Crossing-360k). Many of my runner friends had planned to join me at various timings,another friend joined me at 2000hrs.At around 0230hrs i finished 66kms and my friend 40kms.We both were taking a break near a police recruitment tent on Eastern Express Highway Mulund. A police patrol van comes and without asking anything a three star police person just started blowing lathis left,right center on us. We kept on hitting.I am from armed forces still they did not have any courtesy.While beating the lathi broken eventually , this person snatched another one from a havldar standing side by .It was a highest degree of torture and i was thinking at the moment that he should not shoot us in frustration.They kept us chasing as if we were criminals and terrorists.When we stopped near Gandhi nagar bridge to review our injuries and put on shoes n tees again the VAn came n this time they asked about the docks of the vehicles the three star ordered to put us behind the lock up , then i said him that without any reason u r doing all these things,M not an out sider I live in Naval colony just meters ahead, ok m ready to go any where take me,then one of the havaldar came and told us that :SAB KA MIJAJ THIK NAHI H….CHALE JAO.M still too much up set that without any reason my friend had to face this kind of situation.As few of other friends were to join at 0300 we called and alerted them.This is just done.WE ARE NOT TERRORISTS WE ARE RUNNERS. I will be back again on the same road soon……


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