A woman victim of the stampede, seconds from breathing her last, was molested by a bystander as she lay atop a pile of victims on the foot overbridge (FOB) on Friday, a video clip shows. The woman, trapped by the bodies, reaches out weakly for help before dropping her hand and breathing her last.

According to The HinduJayshree Kanade, a resident of the financial capital, who was at Parel station when the incident took place, said: “Many stole women purses and gold ornaments, adding,” The man who molested the woman should be punished. How can he do such a thing when a woman is fighting for life and asking for help

Jayshree Kanade, who was at Parel station when the stampede occurred, said, “Many people stole purses and gold ornaments from women victims. This molestation video is really shameful. How can someone molest a girl fighting for life and asking for help? The culprits should be punished.”

Elphinstone Road resident Sandesh Bahadur added, “The molestation video is shameful and without even watching it, one feels like punishing the coward responsible. We rushed to help. Women were crying for help. We couldn’t save many of them due to the crowd on the bridge.” Bhandup resident Anjali Bhadauria said, “Many women were wearing sarees as it was Dussehra; their clothes tore while pulling them out of the pile of bodies.”

As the molestation video circulated among passengers and officials, the anger was apparent. Niket Kaushik, Commissioner, Government Railway Police, said, “This case comes under Mumbai Police, but I will also initiate an inquiry.”