You must be aware of the case of physical violence on Mr. Vaibhav Ghadage
at Maharashtra’s Satara district. Mr. Vaibhav Ghadage was one of the TISS
alumina (batch – 2008-10). He was allegedly attacked by a group of goons
belonging to particular caste. This attack was in relation with the earlier
case of him being a key witness to his uncle’s murder (Mr. Madhukar) on
April 26, 2007.

The TISS community is deeply disturbed by the brutal assault to one of his
family member. Therefore, we would like to condemn this incident by having
a protest demonstration at Azad Maidan on 4th February 2013. We would also
like to announce the charter of demands that we want, so that justice can
be given to Mr. Vaibhav Ghadage. Along with that this demonstration will
also condemn caste based violence and the inactiveness of the state to
respond to it.

The approximate number of students expected to come for the protest is
around 200 to 300. We will also be joined by some local students and
Therefore, on behalf of the institute we would like to invite you for the
demonstration. The details of demonstration are given below:

Date: 4th February 2013
Time: 3:00 PM
Venue: Azad Maidan, Mumbai

We will be looking forward for your presence.

Warm regards
Executive Body 2012-13
TISS Students’ Union

Contact details:
Niraj Lakra – 7738551343
Gayatri Balu – 9594580940
Lokapriya P. Kanungo – 7303010325