The Hon’ble Vice Chancellor
University of Mumbai

Sub: Indiscriminate and cruel hacking of trees on campus in order to ensure sound sleep for a faculty member

Respected Sir
Over the weekend, more than a dozen old trees have been hacked in an extremely cruel fashion. Ostensibly,this has been done following a complaint by a faculty member who found a bat colony that was a long time resident of these trees uncomfortable. The solution by the administration was to lop of every single branch of more than a dozen well established trees. The wood was promptly taken away by a bakery owner.
Sir, these trees, which were planted about four decades ago, had developed a rich canopy that sheltered passers by from the scorching sun and provided support to a host of lifeforms , including birds, inspects and mammals. I would often stand underneath and watch in amazement at the plurality of life on these trees. And I was not the only one.
I have written several letters to the Registrar asking him to take action against those culpable. I am aware that BMC permissions might have been obtained, but no civic body would grant permission for such hacking. The permission obtained would have been for pruning, which was later blatantly misused. I have had no response from him.
I want to ask you a question that can be asked only of an academic leader. What values are we passing on to the younger generation by such actions? That whenever we find nature inconvenient, chop it , burn it, get rid of it. Are you comfortable with this message that has obviously been sent and is there for anyone to see in the form of grotesque tree limbs, pointing heavenward in all their truncated agony? I request you to kindly share your opinion on this. We are all
looking forward Sir, to the voice that ought to guide us in such matters.
Your silence will only disappoint.
with regards
neeraj hatekar

[email protected]


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