To The Leader of Opposition Maharashtra,
Mumbai, 29 Oct 2018
Dear Sir, Greetings,
I’m a Urdu novelist, Rahman Abbas, hereby desire to bring in your attention that the Depart of Urdu of Mumbai University has organized a poetry reading session on November 2018 but unfortunately, the event has been organized with the collaboration of ‘Adab-e-Islam’, which either a wing or works under the influence of the fundamentalist religious organization Jamat-e-Islami.
I believe that the religion is a personal matter of an individual and the state institutions shouldn’t collaborate with the hardcore fanatics groups be it Jamat-e-Islami or Sanathan Sanstha, however the former group has been accused of silencing the opponents of its ideologies with the use of violence and you have recently taken position against it.
Knowing your courage to expose the fundamentalist and your struggle to uphold the values of the constitution I would request you to raise the issue with the concerned official of the University and the Urdu department.
The Urdu department should be held accountable for establishing collaboration with the organization known for its sectarian ideology and communal nature.
Yours sincerely,
Rahman Abbas