The proposed protest march being planned by MNS to demand the resignation of R.R.Patil and Arup Patnaik (August 20 , 2012) is totally unwarranted and smacks of divisive intentions. MNS, Raj Thackeray are alleging that the police failed to control the  Mumbai riot. One concedes that there might have been some lapses on the part of police in intelligence gathering, and the handling of the situation as such. But overall Mr. Patnaik did a remarkable job by talking directly to people from podium, asking them to be peaceful was very effective in controlling the violence. Police did exercise good restraint and controlled the situation in half an hour. This is praiseworthy in itself. The death of two persons and the injury too many is regrettable, and should be duly compensated. Given the past record of inept handling of such situations, this was one instance where the riot control was very effective. We the citizens should appreciate this humane and effective handling of riot and hope that unnecessary revenge will not be taken against those who were not involved in the violence. The guilty must be punished and citizens need to stand with the officers like Patnaik to ensure that such episodes don’t get repeated.


Ram Puniyani


All India Secular Forum, Mumbai