By- Ravi shankar . Facebook

I was at a traffic signal waiting for it to go green. This Innova comes behind me and starts honking like its nobody’s business. Looked back to see the driver and some guys yelling and signalling me and other cars to move so we do. I moved as much as I can but the driver came really close so I looked back to ask him why coz the signal was red.


One of the security guards pulls out a lathi as he abuses me and hits me on my back. It was a really hard hit. So much that back still hurts even after almost an hour since this happened.





That is when I realised that it was a VIP car. The car escaped the signal and moved quite fast after that. I chased the car for about 100metres shouting and abusing them to pull over. The guard who hit me put his head out throughout, abusing me and asking me to come to his side.

They eventually pulled over and I got off my bike as I continued to abuse then verbally. The guard who hit me came to me. He was followed by another guy who was holding a gun. They both came to me and tried to intimidate me with their size. They argued about how they asked me to move and i should have and how it was right for that guard to hit me. I created quite a scene and nobody stood up from public as expected. When they figured that it didn’t work, they apologised to me a few times. I told them I was from the media and that I was not going to keep quiet about this.

I walked to their car and took a photo of it. The driver of the car now argues with me about how its a VIP car and I shouldn’t argue. The guards looked on almost as if they were sure nothing was going to happen.

The guy with the gun walked up to me and said that I should be glad it was a lathi coz if it were him he’d have put a bullet into me. I laughed instantly coz I couldn’t believe he actually said that. I abused them again and told him to shoot me. When he figured that didn’t work either, both the guards walked away to a corner and stood there as if they weren’t part of the commotion. 

I want to do something about this. This is a perfect example of the pathetic state of our country. The VIPs have so much power that they misuse. So much that even their bloody security guards think they can get away with shooting a random person for not letting their car pass a red signal. This is a plea to anybody who can help in anyway. I want to do something about this.

How do I get myself heard? The police? The media? Anybody? Attached are photos of the VIP car with its number plate and my back with the lathi mark on it. I want to be heard. I am ready to do whatever it takes to be heard. I am ready to speak up and stand up for myself!


Contact me on +917506363210 or mail me on
Date of incident: 3/11/2014
Time of incident: 7.30pm approx
Place of incident: Linking road, around the Citi walk signal.