Apr 25, 2020, 08:19 IST | Faizan Khan | Mumbai

Woman says hospital she was taken to didn’t take her samples although she had symptoms, told her to return

At a time when more and more patients are complaining of deplorable facilities at quarantine centres across the city, an incident of a 20-year-old woman walking 15 km from a hospital to her quarantine centre has come to the fore. She has released a video in which she is seen speaking of her ordeal and how she was forced to walk for three hours despite being ill.

According to her, she was quarantined with her family after her mother, who works as a nurse at a South Mumbai cancer hospital, tested positive for the virus last Saturday. Speaking to mid-day, she said, “My entire family was quarantined after my mother tested positive. She was being treated at a hospital in Mulund. There are no facilities at the quarantine centre in Kanjurmarg where I was kept. Even drinking water was not available. On the day I was taken to the centre, I got drinking water after more than 12 hours and was told that water would be given only with food or else we would have to use the water from the wash basin.”

Through the video she says, “A few days after being quarantined, I developed a sore throat and informed the people concerned. I was taken to Bhabha Hospital where a lot of patients were waiting to get tested. Two hours later a doctor checked me and said I could return home. He also advised to see whether I developed any other symptoms over the next couple of days. I also informed him about my mother, but I was asked to return home. I waited for a while and asked for an ambulance to drop me to the Kanjurmarg quarantine centre. A nurse said that they were arranging for one and asked me to wait. But after two hours I was told that no ambulance was available.” She added, “Depsite having symptoms, my samples were not taken. All my family members have been quarantined.”

People out for a walk in Kandivli amidst the nationwide lockdown. PIC/SATEJ SHINDE

People Out For A Walk In Kandivli Amidst The Nationwide Lockdown. Pic/Satej Shinde 

No Response From 108

The girl further said that she tried contacting 108 several times but there was no response. “The emergency services number didn’t work and there was no private transport available so I walked from the hospital to my quarantine centre, which took me around 3 hours. I am still a suspected COVID-19 patient and despite having symptoms I was allowed to go without any conveyance. This shows how seriously we are taking this virus,” she told mid-day.