India Today Online  Mumbai, January 25, 2014 | UPDATED 16:54 IST

A 25-year-old dance teacher in central Mumbai’s Powai area was raped by her building’s security guard late on Friday night, after she returned from dinner with a few friends.

The 32-year-old security guard has now been arrested and has confessed to sexually assaulting the woman.

According to the police, the woman returned to her housing society at around 2.30 in the night where she was dropped off by a few friends. The security guard saw her entering the building and followed her on the pretext of helping her. He allegedly raped her in the lobby of the third floor, where she was found lying on the floor by her brother a few hours later. The victim’s preliminary medical examination confirmed rape.

The security guard was questioned after CCTV footage found him missing during the timeline of the assault. Once detained, he kept changing statements, making the police suspicious. During the course of the interrogation he eventually confessed to raping the woman and robbing her of her phone and handbag.

The case is eerily reminiscent of the August 2012 Pallavi Purkayastha murder case, where a young lawyer was assaulted and murdered in her apartment by a security guard who had been stalking her.

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