According to Sikar Police the Accused has been arrested .

Jaipur: Recently big news has come. The police of Sikar district of Rajasthan have arrested two people.

According to the information received in this case, the two people are alleged to have assaulted a 52-year-old autorickshaw driver. It is being told that he has been accused of assault after refusing to raise slogans of “Modi Zindabad” and “Jai Shri Ram”.

The autorickshaw driver Ghaffar Ahmed Kachhwa has complained in this case. After his complaint, the police first filed an FIR against both the accused and after that they have arrested both of them. Ghaffar has also accused both of stealing his watch and money.

There have been reports that Ghaffar’s teeth have been broken in the fight, there have been injuries on the eyes and cheeks. Kachhwa’s nephew Shahid said, “At around 4 am on Friday, my uncle was returning from a nearby village after dropping the passengers. Two people in a car came and stopped him and asked for tobacco. Later they refused to take tobacco and asked him to say ‘Modi Zindabad.’ They slapped him when he refused to raise the slogan. Those people asked me to raise the slogan of Modi Zindabad and when I refused, one of them slapped me. Somehow I take the auto towards Sikar but they followed me in their car and stopped my auto near Jagmalpura.

Apart from this, Ghaffar said in his complaint that ‘they beat me badly after taking me off the auto. They said that “We will rest only after sending people like you to Pakistan. Now both the accused have been arrested in this case.”