(Translation of original Gujarati poem)


I, the PM and I, the CM.
I, the PM, I, the cabinet, I, the Lok Sabha and I also the Rajya Sabha.
The spot from where I speak is the Red Fort.
I – I, me and myself.
I, and I, the others only a nought/cipher.
I, the creator of new slogan – ‘Pay and Misuse – Misuse and Throw’.
The stones named ‘I’, thrown in ‘2014 Election’ will surely bridge the distance to Red Fort.
I, the candidate on 542 seats, the rest only my nominees.
I, decide who will contest and who to be dumped.
I, choose only who seek votes in my ‘name’.
I, the Commander, I the High Command, I also the De-command.
I, the party, I the Sangh, I Bharat.
I, above everything, party, Sangh and Bharat.
I and I alone the biggest, the omnipresent.
Salute the ‘I’, Hail ‘Me’ and only after that chant ‘Vande Matram’ or ‘Jai Bharat’.
I decide who speaks, who goes silent.
I chant ‘Rivers are mothers’ but convert them at my whim to cesspool for industries.
I, on my whim turn rivers, valleys, rivulets, lakes and ponds in cesspool.
I, the wizard spell “development”, lo behold all water, underground, over ground, in rivers, lake turn red and yellow.
I, the protector of poison spewing industries.
I, the worshipper of GDP, my faith GDP, my work GDP.
I, alone can convince destruction as development.
I can alone ride on destruction and be famous.
I, I, I, the only song that all should sing.

“Stop… we have endured the times of all ‘I – she – he – they’, now do not want to suffer the times of ‘I’.”


Rohit Prajapati,  [email protected]