Maharashtra had 17 CMs, not 26 – PM Candidate Modi Continues to Bluff, Bhakts try to defend unsuccessfully

Pratik Sinha 
Feku Modi Maharashtra 26 Chief Minsters 17 in reality
Modi’s Open Challenge – ‘Catch’ me if you can

BJP’s Prime Ministerial Candidate today claimed that since the time Maharashtra and Gujarat have been separated and became independent states, Maharashtra has had 26 Chief Ministers while Gujarat has had 14. Modi was trying to score brownie points by showing how politically unstable Maharashtra is as compared to Gujarat, since Maharashtra has been governed primarily by Congress/NCP. Unfortunately for Modi, his speech-writers seem to be a bunch of ignorant fools, and Modi blabbers whatever garbage he is fed. Lets look at what the reality is:

Number of Unique Chief MinistersNumber of Chief Ministerial Terms

The information in the above table can be easily verified through the wikipedia pages –List of Chief Ministers of Maharashtra and List of Chief Ministers of Gujarat.

Modi Bhakts who have been given the embarrassing job of cleaning after their leader leaves the speech arena with a trail of lies tried very hard to defend Modi this time as well. They pointed to the figure of ’26′ Chief Ministerial Terms in Maharashtra, but they conveniently forgot that Gujarat has in fact had ’27′ Chief Ministerial Terms. Either that or they take pride in the fact that Modi specializes in quoting highly skewed statistics and tries to mislead his country men again and again and again.
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