This year, the following new words will be considered for inclusion in the Indian-Oxford dictionary.


Modi-fication (n) : Initially used to describe history text revisions by the RSS, this word is now more liberally accepted as any act which modifies the truth and is then state-sanctioned as the only truth.

Postmodierism (formerly a noun but now used as an adjective.): A form of art where all Hindu Gods are appropriately attired in a full space-age, body suit engaging only in non-sexual acts such as dusting, gardening and taking out the garbage.

Modibund (adj) : A state of India as described by its growing disaffected middle-class men with a computer and unlimited broadband, and blamed on 60 odd years of Congress rule, occasionally alleviated by BJP led bandhs in protest.

Neo-modiberalism (n) : A new form of economics which tackles poverty by redefining the poverty-line. Large swathes of the population have been uplifted from poverty by merely increasing the distance from median income to shit-I-can’t-survive-on-this-income.

Transmodinational (n) : The ability to claim a transnational identity by aspiring for nothing more than a US green card, voting Liberal democrat in the US, and funding Conservative in India.

Modi-erate (n): The moderate distance between the right, the far-right and the VHP.

Modi-cracy (n): A form of government which combines the best elements of theocracy, autocracy and lunacy.

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