KATHMANDU:- In wake of the rise in the spate of incidents of discrimination and violence, including fatality against the Dalit community, a 14-year-old boy has come up with an innovative approach to raise awareness against the social anomaly.

Going by the current trend, especially among the youth, Sakshat Pant, a ninth grader of Gyanodaya Bal Batika School, has used rap music as a tool to voice against the existing practice of untouchability that deprives Dalit the right to social equality.

A ninth grader at the School, Pant released his first rap video song titled ‘Tara Ma Dalit’ (But I am a Dalit).

The rap song is an imagination of the cruelty by so-called upper caste people against a Dalit boy, conveying strongly that the lives of Dalits matter too.

Inspired by Navaraj BK of Jajarkot, who was killed by members of so-called upper caste people of Rukum West in May this year, the music video begins with the introduction of a Dalit youth who was murdered for trying to reclaim his rights.

Pant has deep interest in hip-hop music, and hence chose the medium of music to share his feelings on caste-based untouchability. “The killing of Navaraj disturbed me very badly. Thus I wrote down my feelings and decided to convert those lines into a rap song,” he said. With the song, Pant has declared himself as an anti-caste activist.

In music video Pant calls for freedom from caste-based discrimination, emphasizing equality for Dalits. Buoyed by the response he has received to his singing debut with a song about caste-based discrimination, Pant vows to take a step forward by continuing to voice against different forms of harmful practices existing in the Nepali society.

While Sakshat wrote the lyrics of the song, singer Aditi Adhikari has lent the chorus. The music is composed by Aman Pradhan and directed by Rahul Pradhan.