PALPA, Aug 27:  Two Dalit women employees were humiliated, Wednesday at a Teej program held at the Nepal Electricity Authority Office, Palpa.

The two women were disallowed to eat rice-pudding inside of the Authority Chief´s residence but forced to go outside.

The Dalit women complained that they were taken outside of the building during the Dar Khane program (special feast of delicacies held a day before the Teej festival) organized on the occasion of the Teej festival by the Authority´s Palpa branch.

Office´s Palpa branch supervisor Krishna Rayamajhi asked the two Dalit helpers of the office, Devi Nepali and Ramkumari Damaini, to go outside the door. Rayamajhi reasoned that the place inside was meant for officers whom he addressed as ´Sirs´.

Rayamajhi refuted the allegation saying that the two women were asked to stay outside due to lack of chairs. Rayamajhi claimed that he did not discriminate the women on basis of the religious concept of untouchability. However, the Dalit women claim that the discrimination and humiliation they faced were based on caste-discrimination.