The Chairman

National Human Rights Commission

Manav Adhikar Bhawan
Block-C, GPO Complex, INA
New Delhi – 110023


Respected Sir


I want to draw your kind attention on an incident of severe attack and physical aggression upon villagers by cattle smugglers while protesting against cross border cattle smuggling. The victim received serious injuries due to that attack. The uncle of the victim and one of our activists went to local police station to make a complaint but the on duty officers not only humiliated them but not taken any action against the cattle smugglers. The incident was reported to your commission and the commission has registered our complaint vide registration number 996/25/15/2014. The Observatory (joint initiative of OMCT and FIDH), ODHIKAR from Bangladesh and HRD Alert, India issued urgent appeal over the issue and copies of those appeals were received by your office.



The inaction and atrocious acts of police personnel only proves the nexus between the police and the cattle smugglers. Here, I want to recall you that I have made several representations on unholy nexus between the Border Security Force personnel, section of police personnel, district administration, part of panchayet members and the cross border smugglers and traffickers.


I am attaching a detail of the incident; which is self explanatory in nature and demand for:-


  • The incident must be enquired and investigated urgently by an independent agency other than local police
  • The involvement of the police personnel must be investigated
  • Stern punitive actions must be taken against the involved cross border smugglers
  • The life and properties of the people living at bordering areas must be protected from the cross border smugglers and their nexus with the police and BSF personnel must be taken care off
  • Safety and security of the victims must be ensured
  • The victims must be adequately compensated for their monetary and social loss


Sincerely Yours




(Kirity Roy)

Secretary- MASUM

National Convener – PACTI





Name and details of the victims: Mr. Kabirul Mondal; son of Late Afsar Mondal, aged about 35 years and Mr. Siddik Mondal; son of Late Ahad Ali Mondal, aged about 40 years, both are Muslim, both residents of village and post- Gobindapur, police station- Swarupnagar, district- 24 Parganas (North)


Name and details of the perpetrators: Mr. Parshun Mitra; Officer in Charge, Mr. Bajlur Rahman Mondal; Sub Inspector, respectively of Swarupnagar Police Station and another unknown police officer and other police personnel of Swarupnagar police station


Mr. Aliar Mondal; son of Mr. Atiyar Mondal, Mr. Abed Mondal; son of Late Jainal Mondal, Mr. Samsur Sardar; son of Mr. Johar Sardar, Mr. Ketab Ali Fakir; son of Late Osman Fakir and Mr. Jahangir Mondal; son of Mr. Amir Mondal; all local cattle smugglers


Date and time of incident: 27th July 2014 at around 8.00pm and 11.30 pm


Place of incident: Gobindapur market; Haritala and Swarupnagar police station


Case Detail


The brick road approaching to Bangladesh border from Gobindapur market via Gobra in district 24 Parganas (North) is ill famous for cattle smuggling. The dilapidated road is being used for smuggling of cattle in thousands; for last one and half years the road is ravaged by illegal cattle carriers and cattle towards Bangladesh; resulted it is now not in a position for normal use of movements.


On 26th July 2014, Mr. Kabirul Mondal along with few other villagers made night vigil and wanted to have a discussion with the cattle smugglers and for this purpose was waiting in front of the Gobindapur FP School. While they tried to speak with them, the smugglers threatened the villagers. They even dared to told that the road has been constructed by the government and the government will think of its condition. Next day; on 27th July 2014, Mr. Kabirul Mondal came to Gobindapur market at evening to buy household articles. While he was talking with Mr. Dilip Sarkar and Mr. Amar Panti at around 8.00pm at Haritala- Gobindapur market; seven cattle smugglers attacked on him with sticks and large torchlight. The miscreants warned Kabirul that they would chop him with choppers. The cattle smugglers even threatened Kabirul by saying if he involves himself with the issue, he would have been killed. The passerby gathered and protested their act and the smugglers left the place. The co- villagers and relatives brought Kabirul to Saraful Rural Hospital where he was treated by the attending doctor. The doctor asked him to get admitted. The doctor opined that Kabirul received grievous injuries on his head and shoulder. He asked the family to do a CT scan of head. The doctor provided a slip and asked the family members to make a complaint to the police station. Later, he was transferred to Basirhat Sub Divisional Hospital. A radiological test has been done on spine.


At around 10pm on the same date Mr. Siddik Mondal along with Mr. Mohar Mondal; District Human Rights Monitor came to Swarupnagar police station and made a complaint. The following happenings was reported by us to your Commission by our complaint dated 28th July 2014 and subsequently the Commission registered the complaint vide 996/25/15/2014; which was as follows; at around 11 pm, the uncle of Mr. Kabirul, Mr. Siddik Mondal; son of Late Ahad Ali formally made the complaint at the Swarupnagar police station. The then on duty officer of the police station read the complaint as well enquired about the incident. Then he asked the complainant along with our activist to sit at the courtyard of police station and wait for Mr. Bajlur Rahman; one Sub Inspector of that police station. Mr. Rahman came at the police station at about 10 pm after finishing of his dinner and that forced the villagers to wait for one and half hours. Mr. Rahman also read the complaint and supposedly narrated the whole complaint through his mobile to some higher ups and also informed the complainant that the Officer in Charge was not at the police station at that moment.


The complainant and Mr. Mohar while expected to leave the police station at around 11.50 am, Mr. Rahman; SI called them again to the room where the Duty Officer was available, Mr. Rahman and another police officer were present at the room. All of a sudden; Mr. Bajlur Rahman SI of Police caught hold of Mr. Mohar’s collar and started threatening him by saying that ‘you have to face consequences for your involvement with human rights’ and ‘you have to pay for your involvement against police and BSF’. Mr. Mohar and Mr. Siddik Mondal were literally resisted from movement and have to stand for 40 minutes, other villagers were asked to vacate the police station. Later, the said police personal obtained signatures on “arrest cum inspection memo” and let them free.


Mr. Kabirul Mondal made a written complaint to the Superintendent of Police; 24 Parganas (North) narrating the whole incident but no action has been taken.




Kirity Roy