VIJAYAWADA, July 13, 2012, The Hindu

Ramesh Susarla

 The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has declared 16 out of 19 police encounters as fake and ordered for a monetary compensation of Rs.80 lakh (Rs.5 lakh each) in which present Inspector General of Greyhounds PSR Anjaneyulu was allegedly involved in Guntur and Kurnool Districts prior to 2002.

The Human Rights Forum Guntur District unit had lodged a complaint with the NHRC on 11 July 2002, with an eminent lawyer B. Chandrasekhar being one of the signatories. The NHRC completed its hearings by November 2011 and sent the findings to the Government later recommending for a monetary compensation of Rs.5 lakh each to the kin of the family members.

The Lawyer B. Chandrasekhar told The Hindu that he on behalf of some of the victims’ families would approach the NHRC to initiate penal justice process against Mr. PSR Anjaneyulu and other police officials involved in those fake encounters. “This is the highest amount ever recommended by the NHRC as compensation in the country for victims and economic justice only has been done,” he opined and demanded immediate removal of the officer from service. “The acts call for recovery of the compensation amount from the police officials after the Government pays the amount,” he added.

The Tax Payers’ money should not be used for such acts of the ‘Irresponsible’ police officials, he observed. Out of the 16 cases 10 encounters relate to Kurnool District and six to Guntur district. He has demanded attachment of property of the officials.