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Report by Odisha Diary bureau, Bhubaneswar: The National Human Rights Commission(NHRC) of India has sought a report from Government of Odisha on compensation and rehabilitation to scheduled caste people after violence in Ratakhandi village of Boudh District. The commission’s order has come out on a complaint of Human Rights activist Akhand.




Dalit peoples including children and women were assaulted and their houses were looted and houses of four families were torched in Ratakhandi village under Manamunda Police station in September last year. Local Police did not take any action and was sitting silent by registering cases after five months of incident. Atleast 16 SC families are still out of village as they have no shelter and they feared more attack on them by upper caste people. The victim families are Pradeshi Suna, Malati Suna,Tilotama Suna, Sumitra Suna, Rajindra Suna, Chakra Suna, Sudam Suna, Swadhin Suna, Raghunath Suna, Akur Suna, Brahma Suna, Pujari Bibhar, Mahendra Bibhar, Diruju Bagh, Ganesar Bagh, Prahlad Bagh.




More than 60 members of their family are out of village fearing fresh attack on them. Police is doing nothing to arrest the absconding attackers, said the petitioner Akhand. Houses of Brahma Suna, Pradeshi Suna, Malati Suna and Tilottama suna were torched by upper caste people after a murder case in another village. Houses of all other families are looted and damaged, women are assaulted by the upper caste people. Stolen articles includes money, ornaments, utensils, Home Appliances, Cycles, Furniture, Rice and other grains. Attackers even not spared pet animals like Goat, Cows, Bullocks . Paddy and other crops grown by the SC peoples are also harvested forcefully by upper caste people.




They threatened dalit peoples not  to enter village any more. Police and administration is aware of all the things. But no action is taken. Even SC people have not got any compensation or relief after the violence, alleged Akhand.




In response to the notice of the Commission, S.P. Boudh has submitted its report that said 11 cases each u/s 147/148/452/341/323/294/354/379/506/149 IPC and the SC/ST (POA) act were registered at Manamunda Police station against the accused persons. In all the 11 cases, chargesheets have been submitted. The report mentions that houses of Brahma Suna, Pradeshi Suna, Malati Suna and Tilottama Suna were torched and their valuables were looted.




Commission in his order said, “The report does not speak of the relief provided to the scheduled caste people as per the provisions of SC/ST (POA) Rules 1995.” So Commission has direct to  S.P. Boudh and District Magistrate, Boudh  to send a report within eight weeks on the action that has been taken to provide relief and rehabilitation to the victims within 8 weeks.














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