The USIsrael machinations in the Middle-East are taking a dangerous turn. The hypocrisy of calling American and Israeli nuclear weapons “responsible” and arm-twisting on Iran’s unproven nuclear capabilities is self-evident. SInce that has not become a convincing case for attacking Iran, now efforts are afoot to brand Iran as a terrorist country and resort to same pre-emptive destruction that we have seen in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. After the recent unfortunate blast in New Delhi, the Israeli establishment has immediately started incriminating Iran and beating war-drums without any investigation.

India has historically maintained good relations with Iran and can not afford to jeopardise our ties, which are also crucial for our oil supplies, for the imperialist agenda. The Indo-Iran strategic cooperation is also crucial to maintain regional peace & stability. The fact that India has refused to abide by the US-EU-Israeli sanctions on Iran & in fac,t India & Iran have recently agreed to trade in Rupee terms & under a barter system has undoubtedly worried & enraged the Western powers.

We demand:

1. An impartial and transparent investigation into the recent New Delhi blast.
2. Israel, the US and international media must refrain from incriminating Iran without such an investigation.
3. Israel has send its own investigation team to New Delhi immediately after blasts, which we entirely oppose. This investigation must be carried out strictly as per international norms, without violating India’s sovereignty and affecting India’s own investigation in any manner.
4. War-drums against Iran must stop. The current impasse should be resolved only through dialogue and peaceful negotiations.

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