Manki Munda meeting held
Manki Munda meeting held

Manki Munda meeting held

KOLHAN June 12, 2014 , 

Noamundi: A Manki-Munda meeting was held on Tuesday at Noamundi Dak Bangla. In the meeting the Mankis and Mundas raised the issue of in various part of Noamundi block.

They also discussed dissimilarities in the deposit of money through the collection of money receipt. They stressed the need for taking a strong stand on the issues related to the CNT Act and the SPT Act.

The president of manki -MundaBamiyaBobonga said violation of Wilkinson Rule and other laws will not be tolerated and that if violation takes place, the people will protest vehemently.

The meeting was presided over by Manki Bamiya Bobonga. On this occasion, Surendra Chatamba, Jai Ram Barjo, Bikram Chatamba, Human Rights member Balbi Karua and many others were present.

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