September 30th During Obama-Modi Summit  || Citizen’s Court Indicted Indian Prime Minister Modi

Hundreds of Sikhs from North America gathered at Lafayette Park protesting against the increasing threat to religious minorities in India. Amidst the chanting of “Modi, a murderer” a citizens’ court convened by human rights group Sikhs For Justice (SFJ) indicted former chief minister of the state of Gujarat for his role in 2002 genocidal attacks on Muslims.


Quoting Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “injustice anywhere is threat to justice everywhere, Salman Yunus, SFJ’s Director Litigation who conducted the prosecution before the Citizens’ court, urged the jury to uphold the American value of “justice for all” by indicting Modi on the charges of exterminating religious minorities in India. “Today, you are the voice of the voiceless”, added Mr. Yunus while appealing to the jury.


A twenty three member jury comprising of individuals from different ethnicity returned a unanimous verdict holding PM Modi indictable for the offenses of genocide; murders in the first degree; rapes and sexual assaults; torture; tempering with the witnesses, victims and informants; and obstruction of criminal investigations.


Urging the jury to indict Modi on the charges of exterminating the religious minorities, Salman Yunus, SFJ’s Director Research and Litigation who conducted the prosecution before the Citizens’ court, stated that “you are


SFJ legal advisor Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, stated that “presenting the Hindu holy book “Gita” to Obama by PM Modi shows his mentality of Hindu religious supremacy and BJP/RSS plans to turn into a Hindu nation. Modi, who orchestrated barbaric attacks against Muslims in Gujarat is unworthy of carrying “Gita” which preaches peace and equality, added attorney Pannun.


Presenting the case for Sikh Referendum, human rights lawyer Pannun stated that since Indian constitution does not recognize Sikhism as separate religion,, in 2020 Sikh diasporas will vote on the question of Sikhs’ right to self determination in the SFJ organized plebiscite.


According to Amardeep Singh Purewal, SFJ Director, Sikhs from North America converged on White House for indicting Modi on the crime of 2002 Genocide, because Sikhs themselves have been subjected to genocidal attacks since 1984. There are striking similarities between 2002 and November 1984, just like Rajiv Gandhi was elected as Prime Minister of India after organizing Sikh Genocide, Modi was first re-elected as Chief Minster of Gujarat and now the Prime Minister of the country.


The protest was organized by SFJ with the support of the American Gurudwara Parbandhak Committee (AGPC) an umbrella organization of more than 70 gurudwaras across the country.


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