Muktikant said that in 2015, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi had visited Odisha, he had promised to upgrade the Ispat General Hospital to a super speciality hospital

ANI  |  Agra

  • In an unimaginable zeal, a 30-year-old man from in Odisha has walked a distance of 1,350 km to meet his and remind him of a promise he had once made.

Muktikant Biswal , an idol-maker by profession, carried a flag and set on the journey from Odisha on foot on April 16 for the people in his village, who are still waiting for better medical and facilities.

Muktikant said that in 2015, when had visited Odisha, he had promised to upgrade the to a super speciality hospital and to complete the construction of the Brahmani Bridge, but it has been four years and it has still not been done.

Talking to ANI, he said, “I am going to meet the and request him to fulfill his promise of completing the construction of a bridge, and upgrade in to a super speciality hospital.”

Muktikant speaks of the several deprived citizens of the country for whom basic facilities also cease to be easily available, it is the same deprivation, that forced Muktikant to embark on this journey to grab the attention of the Prime Minister.

He said, “is the lifeline of Rourkela, and it is in such a bad shape that people die there every day. I am hopeful that even though the PM did not fulfill his promise in the last four years, he is going to do something in this year.”

Muktikant also revealed from where he draws the inspiration to take on such battles. He said, “Carrying the flag inspires me, that’s why I carried it throughout my journey.”

Even though he fainted on the and had to be admitted to a hospital, Muktikant’s spirit remains undaunted, and he is hopeful of meeting Prime Minister and requesting him to fulfill the promises he made.