Three years after the special SIT court sentenced him to 31-year imprisonment in the 2002 Naroda Patiya massacre case, Suresh Langado Dedawala alias Richard’s wife has filed for divorce, accusing him of marital rape and sodomy when he was out on parole six months ago.Dedawala’s wife is a Muslim. When he was being punished by the special court, he had sought mercy on the ground that he had married a Muslim. Their marriage took place 20 years ago and they have two children. Of the 32 convicts, Dedawala is he only one found guilty of gangrape in the massacre of mostly women and children.

After conviction, Deda wala’s marital life seems to have fallen apart. His wife filed an application in the city sessions court on December 1 and sought police protec ion from Dedawala, her in aws and her 16-year-old son who keeps threatening her.

The woman has stated in her complaint that six months ago, when Dedawala was out on parole, he had subjected her to marital rape and unnatural sex. She has alleged that after she went to odge a case, Dedawala and his family thrashed her and hrew her out of the house.