In India, on July 18, there were reports on social media that an important report related to the use of spyware software Pegasus is about to be published. These reports gained strength when Subramanian Swamy tweeted about it and wrote that ‘Pegasus’ services have been taken to tap the phones of cabinet ministers of Modi government, RSS leaders, Supreme Court judges.’ However, Shivam Shankar Singh, a writer and who has worked with the BJP, has raised some important questions.

Shivam wrote on Twitter that ‘who are the people who are spying?’ Shivam said, “We know that it is the government but who is in it? These people may be under the home ministry but one should see who they really are.”Remember that one license costs $7-8 million and one license can be used on 50 phones. It gives all the data like calls, messages, microphone, camera remote activation.”Shivam Shankar Singh

Shivam says that a big team will be needed to see this much data. He wrote on Twitter, “This is not mass surveillance to automatically find keywords in conversations. This is focused and complete surveillance on small groups of people. Someone is watching this manually.”

‘Is the government staff doing surveillance?’

Shivam Shankar Singh said that the answers to these questions can be shocking. “This project will be led by someone the leadership can trust, over whom they will have complete control,” he said.’Is he a government employee, or has it all been outsourced? What is Safeguard? This is illegal government surveillance.”Shivam Shankar Singh

Shivam wrote on Twitter, “The situation is even worse because there is no guarantee that the data remains with the government. What if it is sold for private business interests or used to profit from judges, ministers and officials Was it gone? Or was it sold into foreign hands?””Those people will try to hide information in the name of national security, but their illegal surveillance for political control is actually a threat to national security.”Shivam Shankar Singh

Shivam has said that he hopes it will be raised in Parliament. He appealed to the media to emphasize on this.