The Challenger- Sri A. S. Nataraj

An educationalist, A Rationalist- Author, Once an Astrologer

 The President, Akhila Karnataka Vicharavadi Sangha, Bangalore



          This is an open invitation to all astrologers, fortune tellers to accept the challenge to prove at least 80% of their predictions are correct against 10 questions on a single test horoscope. No astrologer has so far accepted our challenge since 2001. The astrologers, who gave press statement to compete, retracted later. This shows that predictive astrology is unscientific, illogic & not able to prove the truth on astrology by astrologers! Astrologers are sometimes successful in creating strong belief in the mind of believers that what-ever happened, happening in their life is on astrological effects, because the astrologers seed  permanent delusion in believers by planting blind faith, psychological exploitation, glorifications,  propaganda of Astrology.


Details of the One Crore Rupee Challenge


  1. The purpose of the Challenge:This is an open challenge to all astrologers, fortune tellers, or any person whosoever in the world interested in astrology, to accept the challenge to win rupees one Crore. The challenger published a book titled “Challenge to Astrology” in Kannada (Jyothishyakke Savaalu) in 2001, and ever since then he has been inviting astrologers and fortune tellers to accept the challenge. No astrologer has so far, accepted the challenge, or has contacted the challenger. A few astrologers have given open press statements accepting the challenge, but when contacted they have denied that they ever made any such claim. So, one has to conclude that both astrology and astrologers seem to have accepted defeat. It seems they have lost confidence in their own predictions also. Do the stars and planets pick up various individuals, animals and living beings and selectively influence them differently from one another?  The stars and planets effect or influence on all things and beings uniformly, if they have such power. Any predictions made basically on astrology, are false, unscientific, absurd, inconsistent, illogical and hence astrology cannot be anything but guesswork.


The Predictive Astrology practiced in India-is borrowed from Greece & Rome! Not Indian origin:  The tradition of foretelling and fortune telling based on predictive astrology is not at all Indian in origin. This system of fortune telling is not found in the Vedas or Vedic Jyotishya or Vedic hymns. Never found in Mahabharata or Ramayana times or Upanishath. We do not find any evidence of the names of the planets, signs (Rashis), Vivaha koota or names of 7 days of a week, during those days except Sun & Moon and 27 (28 ?) constellations of stars. The words Brahaspati (Brahamanaspati?) and Venaa are stated in Rig Veda, but they do not refer to any planets. It is clearly evident that there was no such kind of practice of fortune telling; or the practice of predictive astrology till 2nd Century A.D. The Vedic Jyotishya, translates correctly as astronomy and not as astrology, was composed by Maharshi Lagadha (about 1200 B.C.) mainly from Rig Veda (36 mantras) and Yejurveda (44 mantras) is not predictive astrology. Vedic astronomy is based on scientific astronomy and is predominantly details of movements of stars, as observed. The system of fortune telling based on horoscopes came from Greece, during 2nd Century A.D., during the tenure of Ujjaini King Rudradhama, in India. The Greek (Egypt origin) astronomer Ptolemy was the first astrologer in the world; he wrote the first predictive astrological (Phala Jyothisha) book Titribulos (in 140 A.D.). After him, predictive astrology spread its roots all over India, like a poisonous seed. Yavaneshwar, with Greek or-Roman origin, translated a Greek book, on Predictive Astrology (perhaps, the same Ptolemy’s Titribulos), into Sanskrit. The major contributions toward predictive astrology were made in India after 2nd Century A.D. by Yavana Spuji Dhwaja-270 A.D. in Yavana Jathaka, Yavana Meena Raja  (300-325 A.D.) in Vridda Yavana Jathaka, and by Aryabhata (476-550 A.D.) in Aryabhateeyam.  Varaha Mihira (505-587 A.D- he quoted Yavanas, Romaka) is the father & Indian authority of predictive astrology (his Bhrahat Jjataka, Sanhite, Hora etc.) in India, Another Parashara (6th Century A.D.?, perhaps not Mahabharat’s Parashara Maharshi, he quoted Varaha Mihira) ( he is also called father of Hindu astrology), Brahat Parashara, Parashari, Hora shastra- is said to be a oldest extant Sansrit work on astrology. Brahma Gupta (591-665 A.D) Bhaskar-1 (629 A.D.), Bhaskar -2 (Siddantha Shiromani-(Leelavati a part) (1114-1200 A.D.) etc. Most of, so called 18 Maharshis (1-Soorya 2- Brhama 3- Vyasa, 4-Vasista 5-Atri, 6-Parashara 7-Kashyapa. 8-Narada. 9-Garga. 10-Maricha. 11-Manu. 12-Angirasa. 13-Lomasha. 14-Paulisha 15-Chavana. 16-Yavana 17-Brugu 18-Shaunaka.) said to have seen the origin of Astrology by their divine sight and released their own astrological books, are not found. A few books are found but those were written after 2nd Century A.D. written by Pauranaik Seers. (Most of 18 Puranas were composed after A.D. only, mostly in Gupta’s periods). Some of ancient seers, Narada (Narada samhite), Garga (Garga samhite), Parashara (Brahat, Parashari, Hora), Bhrugu (Brugu samhite), Lomesha (Lomesha samhite) Paulisha & Yavana (last two were Greeks) wrote few books but they were in Puranaic Age after A.D.. A few names of seers of Vedic Age were referred in different books of astrology, but did not find their works. A few theories (Shiddanthas) like Pithamaha,* Angeerasa,* Vasista,* Romasha,* Soma,* Shakaly,* ( * these siddanthas are lost now) Aryabatiya, Brahma, Soorya, Paulasha, Pancha siddanthika* (Varaha Mihira-6th Century A.D.), Drikh Ganitam (Parameshwara-Kerala, 14 Cent A.D.) Drikh siddaantam (Neelakantha Somayaji 15th Century A.D) Naveena Drikh (Shankara Varman),etc are in the name of some Puranic and later Puranic seers after A.D.only. But those are only theories of mathematics and astronomy for calculation purpose to find the movement of heavenly bodies. Those theories (Siddanthas) are not predictive astrology. A few books on astrology by Jaimini (Jaimini Sutra), Markhandeya, Badarayana, Kalidasa, etc. were found but those were also of Puranic age, not before A.D. A few others like Prithyuyasas (Hora Sara), Mantreshwara (Phaladipika), Kalyana Varma (Saravali), Shripati ((Shripati Paddati) Keshava (Keshava Paddati), Mandavya ( Mandavya Jataka), Venkatadri (Sarvartha Chintamani), Vaidyanatha Dikshitha (Jataka Parijatha)etc. were from the period of Middle Age. A few names referred as astrologers like Bhattotpala, Rudra Bhatta, Vishu Gupata, Shaunaka, Shrutikirti etc. were only names but did not find their works. Some sparsely available books on astrology and quoted in other works like Horasastra, Horaprakasha, Muhurta Chintamani, Shuka jataka, Skandha Hora, Jathakasaradeepa, Vriddha Karika etc. were still in dark. Hence we could not find any evidence of predictive astrology before 2nd Century A.D. Therefore the predictive astrology was not created by God, or any godly seers or Vedic seers of India, but is a creation of few foreign people of recent (about 1500 years) period which is no base in the so called 18 ancient divine sighted astrologers, most unscientific, illogical & uneffective.


How and why a few predictions show partial success? – Mostly success of predictive astrology depends on a few of these factors: 1) The intelligent guesswork of the astrologer. 2) The possibility of exploitation and understanding the situation, context, circumstances etc. by the astrologer. 3) Experiences, eloquence of speech, intelligence, in understanding other’s thoughts, situations. 4) Sometimes truth happens on mere coincidence. One or two truths may happen to be correct, out of 10-12 predictions told on his intelligent guesswork. (on as told in Astrology, “Pancha Bhavathi-Pancha naa Bhaveth” theory). Though the particular selected theory (siddantha) and the methods of deciding the factor of effects (Phala Nirnaya) are same in different astrologies and particular books of astrology on Native horoscope (Janma Jathakas), the fortune telling or predictions are quite different of two astrologers because the most of the predictions are based on each one’s own guesswork. This is the big capital for all astrologers because the people take and publish only a few correct parts of any right prediction of any particular astrologer and forget and put the many more false predictions into dustbin. (The clients purposely do so, because, they do not want to show others that they were fooled and cheated by many astrologers.) This is the reason the people believe a particular intelligent astrologer rather than the system of astrology. 5) The predictions depend on the belief of the client, the amount and the level of exploiting, the fear & worry of the client and to how much of boasting & bluffing he has been exposed by the astrologer.. Thus the illusion truth of the perditions mostly stands on above 5 factors.


How the Predictive Astrology is an illusion, a pseudo-science and hence a waste in life: Actually, the predictions have never had a basis on any horoscope, astrological books, numerical or astronomical calculation, palmistry, face reading, Kavade(Dice Throw), Ginishastra, Haalakki shastra, shakuna, lakshana shastra etc.  These rituals are used simply to show and fool the public.  Therefore no astrologer can tell, correctly or even 80% correctly, any truth in his predictions. The purpose of this challenge is to show these five hidden truths of the astrologers to the public and prove the fortune never stands on any planets, planetary position at the time of birth, or on horoscope, chart, yoga, kavade, numbers, stones etc. Performing as redressal, remedy (Parihara) etc. for so called the bad/malefic effect of the planets do not stand on any Mantra, Homa, Japa, Harake (religious vow), worship etc. It never stands on any religious service(seve), sacrifices, offering things, any unknown power, divine power, super-sensory power (ateendriya shakti), clairvoyance (ateendriya drusti),etc. To show that any destiny, fate, divine will (vidhi likhita),planetary effects, planetary will, planetary movements/ destiny (grahachaara), and planetary conjunctions (gruhakoota/yoga) etc. are false and self-created by astrologers from ancient (from middle ages) to modern periods. Anyone can be show, that one can change such fortune or future, with one’s own efforts, strong will power, absolutely unrelated to any of the planets. Achievements will be made in our life by our own efforts, not by the remote, unrelated ineffective, life-less planets, or destiny. A few people compare ‘astrology & astrologer’ to ‘decease & doctor’. But this comparison is utterly idiotic. Because the germs or bacteria in the body, causing the symptoms of decease, its affects, pain and troubles are directly found in the patients. The decease and its effects are directly known to the public also. On the other hand, nobody understands the effect, influences, power, etc. of planets, affecting the native body. We cannot find any direct or indirect planetary influence on us. Any kind of symptom is not shown. Because the planets have no power to influence or effect. But many imaginary tales are created by the astrologers for selfish purpose. The so-called effect or influence of the planets on individuals can never be proved by any experiment or any laboratory. For example, Mars, the nearest planet  to earth, comes nearest (at 0°) to earth, we feel no enhanced effect, and when Mars moves far- to away from earth (at 180°), we find no change, because all planets in the sky are in very far-off distant to earth, hence their effect or influence on the earth is nil or near zero.. This is the strong evidence that the planets never influence on earth like Moon which is a satellite, very near to earth or Sun which is a big body and nearest star to us. All planets are at so far off a distance from us to be out of zone to affect or influence earth. People accept totally, without questioning or enquiring, and believe on telling of the astrologers who simply assume that some effects and influences of the planets are exist with out testing or proving it. Naturally, every person encounters in one’s life good and bad, sorrow and happiness, unexpected happenings, coincidence etc. But the astrologers exploit the situation towards their end, and by creating illusion in their mind to believe that planets influence these effects. The astrologers suggest some remedy or redresses to overcome the bad / malefic effect. The believers do what the astrologer advises, spending lots of money, and perform many rituals. Then astrologer says all the bad or malefic effects of the planets have been overcome, and the roots of all evils are eradicated. But the believer knows neither bad effect nor good effect after the redresses done. But the believer does not understand any thing changed but believes what the astrologer tells. He has to believe because the astrologer makes him believe and tells that every thing that happens in his life is due to planetary power and influence. Thus without testing, he believes it. Therefore inherent truth is that the astrologers exploit the believers, make the believers to waste lot more money, with out knowing that they are being exploited. Hence the astrologers deceive the believers with out knowing it, because the astrologers themselves believe that every thing on earth and in everyone’s life is dictated by the planets and their positions in native’s ascendant (lagna). Some astrologers may tell a few correct predictions on future and past by mere accident or coincidence by their forecasting intelligence or technique.  But the same forecast may be made by any non-astrologer or any common intelligent person too. Sometimes the roadside layman-astrologer could also tell this. Therefore fortune telling is not based on any astrology, palmistry or Shastra, mantra, Numbers, Kavade (dice), Nadi Jyotisha, prashna jyothisha, divine power, possessing power, miracle power, spiritual power, Atheendra Jnaana or any things he used for telling once future etc.,  but on the intelligent guesswork of the experienced astrologer and his ability to exploit the situation on psychological background. In our Crore Rupees challenge, we want to prove, what the astrologers would predict against our 10 questions and challenge to tell at least 80% truth, cannot be achieved. We want to prove that no divine destiny or planetary influence exists in any one’s life, or as consequence of deeds of any previous births (Poorva Janma Karma Phala). If the challenging astrologer does not fulfill, he loses his security money deposit. This is an open challenge and an open invitation to all astrologers, fortune tellers, forecasters, god-men, miracle performers, magicians, enchanters, possessors of any deity, god, ghost, spirit, serpent(naaga), yakshini, any low standard ghost (kschudra shakti), Hanuman, Devi, extrasensory perception {seeing by magical ointment (anjana), seeing by inner light (anthar~jnaana), having any unseen power, divine power etc.}. This programme will be arranged by us to spread the directive principles of the Indian Constitution. Article 51-A (H) says that the scientific temperament should be spread among the people, and the Govt. Media, Educational/ Social Institutions are suppose to promote such programmes.


 2) About the challenger :  The Challenger is  Shri A. S. Nataraj No.43. Rohini, 5th Main, Padmanabhanagar, Bangalore-560070, he is the President of “Raj Vaicharika Vedike”Bangalore and the President of  Akhila Karnataka Vicharavadi Sangha Bangalore, is the Author of Books “Jyothishakke Savalu” (= “A Challenge to Astrology” in Kannada Language, 1st Edition in 2001, 408 pages, Rs. 250/-)” and another well renowned, progressive, rarely and very effective book “Devaru Samagra Chinthane”( = “The God, Entire Thoughts” (in Kannada, 1st Edition 2007, the 2nd expanded edition is released on 2009, 560 pages, Rs.300/-) published by the Raj Vaicharika Vedike, Bangalore, both books about many thousands copies are sold. (N.B. The interested Kannada knowing readers may directly order the required Kannada books against sending Price amount of books by DD/MO/Cheque to the publishers or credit directly to the account to Raj Vaicharika Vedike, SB a/c No. 10075383491 of SBI Branch Padmanabhanagar, Bangalore-560070 and inform us. Special concession will be given to the Libraries, Educational Institutions, Social Institutions and Philanthropists who donate the books to various educational institutes & students etc. For other books ask for details.) These books give arguments against the subjects of Vastu, Astrology, Soul, Rebirth, Geetha, Vedantha- Hindu Religion, Origin of Gods, Bhautha Darshanas,  Bhautavaada in Veda-Upanishat, Puranas, Dharma, Adhyatma, Gods in Foreign Religions, Bhautha & Bhavanavaada, Divinity of God etc.( in Kannada). He challenges astrology and astrologers on his own and in association with the support of, Akhila Karnataka Vicharavadi Sangha, Bangalore.. He has come from a well known traditional, orthodox, priestly, astrologer, Vastu expert, Vaidic, Vedanthic, Enchanter (mantravaadi), God possessor (Naga patri), puritan, conservative family from Kundapur Taluk, Udupi Dist. of Karnataka. His Grand father (Late Anantha Bhat), father (Late Ampar Subraya Bhat), Uncle (Late Narashimha Adiga- composer of Sripathi Panchanga) all were great astrologers. In his younger years he studied many ancient books on astrology, of Garga, Parashara, (Brahat, Parashari, Hora),  Varaha Mihira, (Brahatjataka, Brahat Samite etc.), Mantresha, Jaimini, Markandeya etc. and many more books of modern astrologers, e.g  Shri B.V.Raman, Shri N.K.Joglekar, many others and he studied both Sayana, Nirayan systems and framed, forecasted thousands of horoscopes in his earlier (younger) age, when he believed & practiced it. Hence he has a deep knowledge in astrology. He is a post graduate (M.A. (Kannada), M.A. (Pol. Science), B.Ed.) and worked as a teacher, then Lecturer of Colleges for many years. Worked in administration, as President/ Secretary of many educational schools/ first grade colleges and other social institutions. Now he is also a stock & share trader & consultant. He is a responsible, respectful and elderly (Date of birth 6-2-1941), person. Thus the challenge is highly valued & honored.  A few years back, when he started research on astrology and went deeper into astrology, he found that Phala Jyothisya (Predictive Astrology) is completely false, baseless, Non-Indian by origin, unsystematic, un-classical. The Aadhipatya of planets & stars, its effects, Karakatwa (significators), colors, caste, uchha-neecha, yogas etc. are false, baseless, unscientific, illogic, zero resulted, absurd, improbable, incompetent. Then he started to work in opposite direction about astrology, read many rational and science books and acquired deeper knowledge on it. Then he completely turned from traditional to rational, orthodox to modern, classical outlook to scientific outlook. He found that the man and all living animals have  birth, growth, effect, figure, form, appearance, strength, intellectual, practicability, every things are depend on their 1).Genes or genetic factors, 2) Their environment, (= effort, education, knowledge, food, experience, feedback etc.) and 3) Nature & behavior (prakruiti-swabhava) and  not on the power or effect of planets, their positions, their conjunction etc. Whatever the planets or stars are placed in Native ascendant (Lagna)  whether the planet are very fair or dark complexion, long or short,  Brahmin or Sudra graham, Kaaraka or behavior of planets etc. but  the child never born like planetary features, color, figure etc but like their father & mother and their ancestor genealogical dynasty and their color, figure, height, similarity etc. Why the Nigro born black, British born white, Chainis born yellow? Why the planets in their Ascendant (langa) in their charts never influence on their color, figure and features? This single evidence is enough to prove that the astrology is false. As per astrology, the entire future of the Native depends on the positions of the planets at the time of birth as in his Birth Chart (janma kundali). Therefore if two persons took the birth on exactly same time then the birth charts of the two should be same. If the birth charts are same their future should be the same. But in real life, their futures are practically different. According to astrologers, destiny of a Native depends on the position of the planets at the time of birth.  If they are right, the destiny of two babies’ who took birth exactly at the same time should be the same. But practically is it possible to have exactly the same destiny (future) for both babies?  But we never heard such cases. Why is it like this? Though both took birth at the same time but both have come from different genes, different environment and different back ground of their nature & behavior. Therefore some who take birth simultaneously like twins, joint twins, one male another female, house dogs, cats, cows, many animals, creatures, flies, etc since they took birth at same time, their birth chart are same, hence their futures should be same according the astrology on horoscopes  but they never will be same. This is the strong evidence to prove the astrology is false. If we see the”Gochara Phala” (Tajika astrology) that is also false. The Sade-Sathi Shani, Astama Shani, Panchama Shani all should happen in every body’s life time. Simultaneously it is applicable to more than about 55 crores people at a time, out of 650 crores people in the world at present. Then the effect and the result of all those 55 crores are never the same. Thousands of marriages made on horoscope matching have failed in Hindu couples but thousands of marriages made without checking the horoscope are successful in Christians & Muslims couples. Many tragedy, harms, mishaps, deaths, etc have happened in astrologers own families, houses. There are thousands of evidences that yogas or conjunctions/ combinations like Kalasarpa yoga,  Kemadrama yoga,  Vasumadyoga, Gajakeshari yoga, Shashi Mangala yoga, Nipuna yoga, Panchamaha yoga, Dhana yoga, Rajayoga etc. are proved ineffective. . All type of Dasha-Bhuktis are proved to have not resulted. So called Kuja Dosha, harmful stars like Moola, Aslesha etc. are purposefully created to harass the brides and their parents. But its result is zero. The calculations/findings of Kuja dosa/ Angaaraka dosas on different theories/almanacs are 100% false and unscientific. I prove it. Moola, Aslesha Stars are more than 100 light years away from the earth, their rays ejected at the time of one’s birth will reach the earth after one hundred years, after one’s death only !!. Then how those stars effect the native?   All these show that predictive astrology (Phala Jyothisha) is false and created to cheat, harass, horrify the people for their selfish end. But truth is that the cheaters are not aware that they cheat the people because they firmly believe that every thing happens according to astrology only and whatever already happened, to be happened, those happened on astrology and planetary influence only. If some things happened beyond his prediction then they always blame the inexact time of birth & horoscope,  but not astrology or predictions.


  1. The challenging money increased to one Crore.Originally this challenge was announced in 2001 when the challenger released his Book “Hattu Laksha Rupai Jyothishakke Samvaalu”. So far no body came to take the challenge. Hence he decided to increase the challenging money from Rs.10 lakhs to one crore, with the support of the members of Akhila Karnataka Vicharavadi Sangha,


  1. Details of One Crore Rupees challenge: Only 10 simple questions will be asked on given a single horoscope. The questions are prior decided and published. Details of questions are already ready with us and published here below. Out of ten questions, from 1 to 6 questions (A-Part)  are related to present (4) and past(2) and  remaining 7 to 10 questions (B-Part) are related to future(4). The future related questions are very important in this contest because the astrologers are honored and become popular by the public on effective and perfect future forecasting. Some astrologers say that their predictions are 100% perfect, some say 80 % and above. Thus we ask to show only at least 80% correct answers. The challenge of 80% of correct answers should be from at least 5 answers to questions out of 6 questions on present and past (A-Part). And out 7 to 10 questions, (B-Part) on future, at least any three answers to questions, out of 4, should be correct. Like this, out of total 10 questions at least 8 (80%) answers should be correct    


  1. The questions are very common and simple: The asking questions on given horoscope will be very simple and common type. Just like a common man asks on his horoscope to his selected astrologer.


  1. Astrology believes, the divine will written in one’s future   must happen, & cannot be averted/ prevented. Whatever written in one’s future in the horoscope/astrology must happen with out fail, that cannot be averted or prevented by any body, any force at any circumstances. This is the strong belief of astrology and astrologers. For example, if one’s horoscope, having some Videsha Prayana yoga (Foreign travel), Vahana yoga (Owning vehicle), Theertha Kshetra Dharshana Yoga (Visiting Holy Place) etc such yogas must bring true & correct result and so called happenings by yogas cannot be averted or prevented or avoided by any force, presser, person etc. Therefore astrologer cannot tell petty reasons or lame excuse that some person, force, presser, bait, prevention has come in middle to stop such happening of yogas. If any presser, bait, force, preventions have come as obstacles, then the future should not be changed- this is the theme of astrology. To find out the reality in this truth of happenings there are few evidences in the past, the ancient history (?) has two evidences 1) The marriage of Leelavati d/o Bhaskaracharya and becoming widow immediately after marriage- this incident could not be prevented or averted by the great astrologer (Bhaskara Acharya himself), though tried maximum. 2) The story of death of a son of Ujjaini King by piercing by a wild boar (Varaha) which predicted by the great astrologer Acharya Mihira, could not be avoided or prevented or averted by the king himself though he tried maximum. Since the prediction of Acharya Mihira was 100% perfect he was awarded the title Varaha by the king. Most of the astrologers believe that these two events were true. Thus the astrologer may come forward to take this challenge and they face courageously the 4 events to be happened in future in this contest, with in 3 months. Many of the astrologers write their predictions on future in advance, no astrologer tells that he writes predictions of the future of the Native on paper and keep the predictions secret and shows after the future predictions happened true. Hence here, the astrologers cannot claim that they keep their predictions in a closed envelope and after 3 months it should be opened to see the reality. Such practices are not allowed in the society or accepted in predicting on their clients’ horoscopes. Therefore astrologer who comes for challenge should write all answers in this challenge and it will be opened  and publish, before audience then attended, in presence of examining body, soon after the predictions of A-Part along with B-Part, submitted to the examiners and organizer before testing future predictions..


  1. The challenge or competition is open to all.This challenge and competition is open not only to the astrologers, but also open to all others, super sensor, Siddi Purusha, Mahatmas, Godman, Mantravadi, Tantrik, Tapaswi, posseser of God, ghosts, spirits etc, with any single person or any combined group of persons


  1. The security money deposit. (Rs. One lakh = 1% of Prize money)The participator in this challenge/competition should keep the security money deposit in advance minimum Rs. One Lakh, which is returnable if wins. The reason to ask the deposit is because some astrologers purposely may declare and give press statement that they would come for challenge, merely to get wide news paper free publicity and advertisement for their astrological profession and boost up their practices. After such wide publicity they never come for the challenge. Sometimes they do intentionally, to take cheap popularity and publicity, make us to spend lot of money in advance on arranging and booking- the place, hall, arrangements, publicity in T.V. News Papers etc, literary publications, constitute the examining body, video,  photos, meals, etc.


  1. 9. The details of test horoscope to be given to challenge.The horoscope given for examining in the challenge will be in the Nirayana system and background of Hindu Nirayana Panchanga (almanac, ephemeris, calendar). The chart or Nativity or Ascendant (Kundali) will be framed on Nirayana Langa Kundali and Nirayana Navamsha Kundali. The chart will be framed and written on South Indian style/type. The Thaddina Panchangam or Tathkalika Graha Sampanda will also be written in the horoscope. The details of Native’s birth day, thiti, vaara, maasa, thedi, sanmasara, .karana, yoga, nakshathra, divaghati, dinapramaana, sun rising time, dreckhana, hora, janma nakshatra, paramagati, shistagati, dashabhuti, all details will be provided. The details of date of birth, time of birth, year, month, place of birth or latitude and longitude of place of birth etc. will be given. If the competitor/s does not approve the given horoscope which is framed on our system, the competitor/s can cast/frame the horoscope on their own style/ system.on given date, time, & place of birth of the Native.


  1. The details of questions on test horoscope to be given to challengeThe below mentioned questions will be asked. The questions are exactly same as given below. There are only 10 questions. The questions are very simple and easy. Many years back, Dr Kovoor asked to identify the horoscopes of male and female, dead or alive, out of 10 given horoscopes. But identifying the gender and time of death is most difficult part in astrology on the time of birth, because simultaneously many babies take births. Moreover common people never ask such question to their astrologer when they go for asking their future. Hence we ask only very simple questions. The answers must be written in the question paper.


The 10 questions on horoscope are-


  1. Part 1) Questions related on present (4) & past (2)– (out of 6 questions, 5 should be correct.)
  2. Question on living status of parent of the Native ( on Present time-1)   What is the living status of the parent of the Native (Native = the person of a horoscope given )  select any one only.- At present 1) both parent are living, 2).both   parent are dead, 3) only father is living, 4).only mother is living. Answer( ……………)
  3. Question on living brothers and sisters of the Native ( on Present time-2)How many living brothers and living sisters has the Native at present?  Answer  (Brothers…………+ Sisters  ……….…).
  4. Question on the occupation of the Native. ( on Present time-3) What is the occupation of the Native at present? Pl State the position, department and   the year of  the Native entered into the present  position, department or occupation. Answer.(Occupation………………………….……….+ entering year…………..……..)     
  5. Question on the possession of the vehicles. ( on Present time-4) Whether the Native has/owned the motor Vehicle/s (2/3/4 wheelers) registered in his/her name at present? Yes or not? Answer(…………….………)
  6. Question on Date of marriage of the Native ( on Past time  question -1)   Marriage is made in haven and fixed by the planets & destiny, on dictated by previous   birth on “Rinanubandha”. The horoscope indicates it. The time of birth, death, marriage  could not be changed or averted once pre determined by the destiny.  Hence any              astrologer should tell the correct marriage date, which already happened in the past..Question- What is the date, month, year of the first marriage of the Native ? Answer(dd/mm/yy……..…………………………..)
  7. Question on the educational qualifications of the Native (Question on Past time-2)(The educational qualifications are achieved & received  in the past as pre determined by the  destiny, hence astrologer should tell this perfectly)  What is the educational qualification of the Native?  Write level of qualification/s,their  Branches/groups/ subjects etc. and write one or more qualifications if native have.  Answer  (Qualification//Branch. ……………………..…)


 B-Part –  4 Questions  on future happening with in  3 months, (under different yogas).( 3 should be correct out of 4)

  1. Question on owning the motor Vehicle (Vahana Yoga) with in 3 months. ( on Future-1)          Whether the Native buys/owns any new/old motor vehicle (2/3/4 wheelers) and  purchased by his/her own money and registered in own name, with in three months  from the date of challenge? Answer (Yes/No………..……….)
  2. Question on surface traveling on long distance with in the country by road/rail etc. (Doora Prayana Yoga), with in 3 months. (Question on Future time-2)Whether the Native travels long distance by road or/and rail etc.beyond 500 K.M.  in one trip inside the country/nation within 3 months? Answer  (Yes/No………….)
  3. Question on Visiting Religious Holy Places (Theertha Kshetra Darshana Yoga), with in three months.  (Question on Future time-3)Whether the Native visits one or more religious Holy Places in the list provided, with   in 3 months? (The list of religious holy places are available with the Examining Body   constituted for this challenge) Write Answer . (Yes/No………….……)
  4. Question on Foreign Country Traveling or Visiting (Videsha Prayana/Sanchara  Yoga) with in 3 months. (Q. on Future-4) whether the Native crosses the country’s border and travels or visits one or more  Foreign countries, with in three month? Answer(Yes/No……)


  1. The terms and conditions of the challenge/ competition:1. The given horoscope to examine in the challenge will be given by us or our organization. It should not be suggested or selected or asked or given by the competitor/s or persons of their side.     2.  The organizer has right to cancel, postpone, reject the challenge/competition at any time on proper ground which satisfied to the organizer and examining body to do so.     3.  Some ID numbers will be written on horoscope given to examine for identity purpose but name, sex and address of the Native will not be written. But those information, photo and identity will be kept in a closed sealed envelope with examining body prior to challenge begins. Only one challenge will be arranged/allowed on given single horoscope. Same horoscope will not be given but different horoscopes will be given for multi challenges. (One challenge, on one horoscope and one answers only)     4. The person of the native’s horoscope given for the challenge, with his photo, sex, identity, name, address etc. would be presented/given in person, before the competitor/s, examining body, press and public etc. only after the competitor/s written answers and given to the examiners and declare the content in the answer paper to the public.     5. All answers to the questions on present and past, (A-Part) that is questions no.1 to 6.would be written in a separate paper as told by the Native of given horoscope and will be kept it in a closed and sealed envelope, kept it in a box locked by all three organizer, examiners and competitor/s., before the challenge/ competition begins.      6. The competitor/s can take given horoscope to home or anywhere outside in the world for more consultations. They can consult, discuss, calculate with other experts etc. The competitor/s can take help from any person, organization, such as godly man, god possessor, Devi upasaka, Anjanakaara, Mahatma, Sanyasi, Guru, Acharya, Rishi, Pavadapurusha (miracle man), Magician, hypnotizer any computer/ software,  etc but except  the Native of given horoscope and his/her  relatives and friends & examine body.     7. The competitors should keep the security deposit on or before 15 days to the challenge or competitions begin, through by D.D or Bank guarantee, in favor of Raj Vaicharika Vedike, Bangalore, along with application, written on a plain paper in the prescribed format shown below. The entire challenge will be recognized and fixed date, made arrangements, after the prescribed application and security deposit money received.     8.  If the competitor/s wins then the security money deposit of Rs. one lakh will be given back. If the competitor/s does not win or could not prove the required 80 % of truth, then the security money deposit will be forfeited fully.     9. The DD/Bank Guarantee for the security deposit from the competitor/s will be kept with the examining body. And the DD./ Bank guarantee for part of challenge money, the portion declared by Sri A.S.Nataraj, the President of Raj Vaicharika Vedike, Rs. 10 lakh  also with examining body till the competition ends.     10.  The reaming part of one crore rupees, that is 90 lakhs rupees will be given to the competitors, by the agreed & declared members of the Akila Karnataka Vicharavadi Sangha Bangalore as per the list given much before to the examining body, if the competitor/s won, with in a week of the date of the declaration of the competitor/s won the challenge. The responsibility to collect those remaining part of money is the organizers.      11. If the competitor/s won the challenging money, what ever the amount to pay as per law prevails to Govt. or any other bodies as tax, cess, levy, etc. will be deducted from the challenged money.       12. The organizer has every power to decide the challenging/ competing place, time, date, month, prize money, security money etc. The organizer decision is final. The competitor/s should come and participate where the organizer calls to come and attend. If any permissions, approvals etc. are needed to conduct the challenge or competition, then the challenge will be held after such formalities are done.       13. There are two Parts of questions. A-Part 1. Present and past part.  B-Part 2. Future part . As per the rules, the competitor/s must show 80% correct answers/truth and. maximum one each wrong answer from each part. Hence in Present and Past Part (A-Part), out of 6 questions at least 5 answers to questions must be correct. If more than one answers are incorrect then the competitor/s will be declared failed in the challenge then he/they will not be allowed to participate/wait to see the performance of further result of competition of next division (B-Part) of future related questions for three months since the further competition & results lost the value.       14. The organizer has every right to photograph, video-graph, publish the programmes, result, telecasting, performing before audience, public, giving publicity, propaganda, etc.    15. After the competitor/s submitted his/their answers to the examining body, the organizer places the horoscope before the audience and asks the audience for forecasting on horoscope on their individual guesswork. The answers of the competitors and answers of the audience will be published and announced to the audience, be compare how much a common men’s responses are closer to the astrologer’s answers. To show the people that sometimes a common man can make better guesswork than reputed astrologer/s.     16. The competitors must submit the answers (the answers must be one and the same on given single horoscope if the competitors are one or more in a single combined participations) on a single given booklet/sheet of answer paper for single challenge within mutually agreed period to the examining body, and a Xerox copy to organizer, in separate closed envelope, failing will be assumed as the competitor/s failed the challenges and their deposit money automatically forfeited.  17. The competitor/s who wishes to participate in the challenge must undertake an agreement that he/they agree for all terms and conditions of the challenge before enter into.    18. To check the truth of the happening in 3 months, both examining body and the competitor/s or his men, can watch, the activities of the Native for next 3 months to test the astrologer’ predictions. May ask for some records/documents such as Bus, Railway, Air tickets etc. entry documents and other documents of vehicles etc for proofs. But competitors should not meet directly the Native and influence on his activities for 3 months.   19. The truth on 6 questions of the present and past part (A-Part) will be decided on the written statement given by the Native to the examining body in the sealed envelope before competition starts. If the competitors do not satisfy with Native’s written statement, the competitor may ask for some proofs/evidences such as birth certificate, death certificate, working certificate, educational qualification certificates, vehicle documents, marriage certificate, wedding card etc. which can be possible to get in the contest. But whatever the expenditure to get such documents should be born by the competitors.    20. If the native dies in middle on any reasons, suffers on any accidence, decease, or any unwanted thing /event happen, then the test on the future questions (B-Part) will be suspended or cancelled and restarts on another able Native and retest will be conducted on the future happening (B-Part) only. If it is found and proved that the competitor/s threatened, harmed, obstructed, bait, bribed, the Native then the examining body has every right to suspend the challenge and may forfeit the competitor’s deposit. .  21. The constitute of the examining body : The organizer has  power to constitute and appoint the examining body of minimum 7 or more members, out of  seven or more, two members should be from the competitors side and has to  be appointed the persons whom the competitor/s suggested or given names. They have equal right as other members. The organizer may appoint one as chief and another as deputy chief examiners among the members appointed. The competitor/s has to approve and accept the examining body before he/they enters into the challenge. The reason is the examiners and challenge should be most impartial and perfect.    22. Any person/s wishes to compete or take the challenge may apply in the plain paper stating his/her  Name, Father’s name, Education, Date of birth, full Address, Phone/Mobile no. Date of birth, etc. But the desired competitor/s must enclose the required D.D./Bank Guarantee of one lakh rupees, in favour of Raj Vaicharika Vedike, Bangalore and recent photo and send to the President, Raj Vaicharika Vedike, Bangalore, to the above given address. For more details may contact-


A.S. Nataraj,  President, Raj Vaicharika Vedike, Bangalore, Akhila Karnataka Vicharavadi Sangha, Bangalore,No.43. Rohini, 5th Main,  Padmanabhanagar,  Bangalore-560070 Mob: 9343743304, Ph: 080-26691927, 26696553. E-mail:[email protected]   or [email protected]    (Pl. pass-on this booklet/forward this e-mail to your astrologers, relatives, friends, press, rationalists, institutions of educational, social, religious and other believers etc.)


     Call for debate / discussion at Bangalore.   The Akhila Karnataka Vicharavadi Sangha, Bangalore also invites the person/s to show/perform/prove the truth of the supra-sensory matters, like existence of God, Spirit, Ghost, Soul, rebirth, memories of previous birth, haven, hell, salvation, powers of divine/spirit/ghost, knowing the future happenings, Powers of chanting(mantra), prayer, worshiping, meditation of God, Power of curse, virtues, blessing, the divine power behind miracles, immortality of man, truth of astrology, evil/good effects of Vastu, Homa, Havana, Vritha, possession of divine, deity, spirit, ghosts etc. seeing the previous birth by hypnotizing, previous Karma theory, any not manifested powers etc. at Bangalore, in public, on provided platform by us. We (rationalists) are ready to share in discussions, debate, conversations with them, peacefully, but in opposite direction/thinking. 


Raj Vaicharika Vedike

(Publications of rational books of Shri A.S. Nataraj )


1) “Devaru Samagra Chinthane”( = “The God, Entire Thoughts”)(in Kannada), 2nd expanded edition,  560 pages, Rs.300/-)

This book gives- a lot of arguments on far &  against the various views on Gods, its existence, divinity, scientific criticism, realistic study in the subjects of- origin of Gods, worships, various religions, spirituality, philosophy, divinities, qualities & character of gods, origin and creation of Universe , different  views, Vedas, Upanishaths, Geetha, Vedantha- Hindu Religion, Origin of Hindu gods, Bhauta Drashanas ( Materialistic),  Bhautavaada in Vedas-Upanishats, Puranas, origin of puranas, Dharma, Adhyatma, Gods in foreign Religions, Judaism, Christians (Bible), Islamism (Koran), Taoism, Confucianism, Shinto, Parsees  Bhautha& Bhavanavaada, Divinity of God etc.

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2)  “Jyothishakke Savalu” (= “A Challenge to Astrology”) ( in Kannada)  408 pages, Rs. 250/-)”  .A critical, scientific, rationalistic, realistic study on  Astrology and its practices, destructive  Vastu, Soul, Rebirth, Ghost, God etc. with a new out look.

It describes how astrology is unscientific, non Indian origin, all karakatwas are baseless. Predictions are guesswork , planetary effect are false & unscientific, illogic etc.


3) Vinashaka Vaastu Peede (= Destructive Vaastu Harassment ) (in Kannada) This book describes in detail  how Vastu is – 1).Heterodox, Anti-Scripture, (Ashaastreeya) 2).Anti-religion (Adharma) 3) Not Science, Sodo-science, (Mithya Vignaana) 4). Anti-Geographical (Abhowgolik) 5) Illogic (Ataarkik) 6) Inexperienced   (Ananubhhavik) 7) Irrelevant & absurd (Aprastutha, Asambadda)) 8) Unlikely, not possible (Asambhav) 9) Superstitious, delusion, Psychological fear (Maudya, Brame, Maanasika Bhaya)


4.) Other Books– A few other books are also published (contact for details)


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