We, the following citizens of India are shocked to understand our e-mail ids have been included in an official letter (dated November 3, 2011), SENT BY THE Special Branch Superintendent of Police, K..K. Jaya Mohan, on behalf of A.D.G.P. Of Kerala Police, A. Hemacahndran, to the Asst. Commander of High -tech Crime Enquiry Cell. The letter says `Please find enclosed a copy of the e-mail IDs of individuals who have connection with SIMI activities. You are directed to identify the individuals behind the e-mail IDs contained in the list by verifying the registration and log in details with concerned email Service providers and forward the names and addresses of the individuals who own the email IDs, and furnish the report to this office urgently.’ We also came to know from the various newspapers that the authorities have demanded the service providers of these IDs to provide the login details of the IDs which we have been using. We express our deep horror and dissent to note that the State Government is keeping a sceptical eye on us.

The Government elected by people like us has a duty to protect the privacy of the citizens of this country. We are shocked to see that the same Government is in reality infringing upon our privacy through such a move. We consider this as an open violation of one of our basic human rights enshrined in the Indian Constitution.

This official action violates a number of basic rights of the citizens guaranteed under Part III of the Constitution of India including Articles 14, 15, 17, 19 and 21 viz., the Rights to equality, dignity, privacy, expression and the right not to be discriminated against.

The Chief Minister of Kerala has openly admitted that the SIMI connection in the above letter issued by K.K. Jaya Mohan, was a `mistake’. However, no action on this police officer has yet been taken. We demand an immediate action against the police officials involved this encroachment of privacy of citizens.

This unfortunate incident has affected many of our lives in many ways for being targeted by the Government. We are not yet ready to reshape our own lives for such surveillance by the police for leading `suspicious’ identities. We are also threatened in our day today social, cultural and economic spaces for being included in the `watch list’ of the intelligence department. We demand an open apology from the Chief Minister of Kerala and the Police Department for having played with the lives of innocent citizens. We request the media, social activist organisations and human rights groups to create adequate pressure on the Government for a just intervention on this matter.


1. Adv. Shanavas (Activist & lawyer)

2. V.M.Ebrahim (Journalist)

3. C.Dawood. (Columnist )

4. N.P.Jishar (Journalist)

5. Fasal Kathikod (Writer)

6. S.Kamarudheen (Academician)

6. A.Sakker Hussain (Journalist)

8. Riyas .P.A. ( Marketing executive)

9. Navas.K.A (Activist)

10. Abdul Rasheed kadampott ( Retard Teacher)

11. Solidarity Youth Movement, kerala,

12. Minority Watch (Human Rights organization)

13. ISA KERALAM (Student organization)

14. Prabhodhanam Weekly

15. MIT.Hospital Kodungallor.

16. Cresecnt Hospital, Aalathoor.

17. Camal bags (Small scale industry)

18. Cochin Orchids. ( Designing Centre)

19. Classy digital ( Designing Centre)

20. Badaru (P.K.Seal) ( Business)

21. K.M.Muhammed Mukthar,

22. Sajeer,

23. Haris.K.K. (Abroad)

24. Shabeer (Abroad)

25. Sameer (Abroad)

26. Jalauddin Pullisseeri (Abroad)

27. Shakeer Kathiyalam (Activist)

28. Aliyar .K.M. (Abroad)

29. Althaf.M.S.

30. Haris Eriyad

31. Fasalurahman Melattur (Abroad)

32. Fayiz Cmr (Abroad)

33. Fazil Fareed

34. Hanif K.T.

35. Ahammad Salih Anwar

36. Mahion Abdul Rahman ( Graphic Designer)

37. Majeed. M.T. (Business)

38. Rasheed.N.M. (Activist)

39. Kayyoom Kolliyil

40. Mukthar K.M. (Abroad)

41. Noor.K.V.MElattoor (Volunteer, Pain & Palliative)

42. Roshan F.S ( Student)

43. Shafeeq Chennara (Abroad)

44. Abdul Khadar Kodinji (Abroad)

45. Abboobakkar Vadakkangara ( Academic Scholar)

46. Anvar Vadakkangara (Abroad)

47. Atheeq Rahman (Abroad)

48. Iktiyar Pang (Abroad)

49. C.S. Ibrahim Kutty ( Retired Teacher)

50. Abdul Salam.N.M. (Abroad)

51. Noufal Velam ( Activist)

52. Am Nadwi

53. HAseena Sajid

54. Firoz Thirurkad

55. Hakeem (Business)

56. FAissal Mimmi

57. Dhabin 2008

58. Cmarti2

59. Aachies (Business)

60. Nisam

61. Abdul Rasheed Kadambot

62. Sajid Rahman

63. Shabeer Kareem (Abroad)

64. Sabu Bin Habeeb (Abroad)

65. Haris (Abroad)

66. Rashid. (Abroad)

67. Riyas Kodungalloor

68. Riyas Kodungalor

69. Niyas

70. Muhammed Seethi

71. Muhammed rasheed (Abroad)

72. Humayun Kabeer (Abroad)

73. Fasalurahman

74. Aliyar KM (Abroad)

75. Mujeebulla k.v.

76. TC Mahboob ( Teacher)

77. Mohammed Ishaque Madari (Abroad)

78. Moidu Chalikkal (Abroad)

79. Abdul Ahad

80. Ali Modern

81. Haris Kannipoyil

82. Mohammed Rafeeque Thangal

83. P.A Mohammed

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